Second New SAATTUE track online

Second new Saattue song Taakka has been made available for listen at Saattue myspace ( The song is taken from Saattue’s second album Vuoroveri. The album will be released on October 21st.

Vuoroveri will include eight works of doomy, heavy, dark and multidimensional saatto metal. Saattue is signed to Spikefarm Records.

Vuoroveri (Tide of Blood) track listing and English translations of the tittles:

1. Vapahtaja (Saviour)
2. Luopio (Apostate)
3. Evoluution kruunu (The Crown of Evolution)
4. Itsensä herra (His Own Master)
5. Synnistä syntynyt (Born out of sin)
6. Taakka (A Burden)
7. Verenperimä (Heritage of Blood)
8. Häpeän linnut (Birds of Shame)

Vuoroveri recording sessions were hosted by Jarno Hänninen at D-Studio and the album was mastered at Finnvox Studio by Mika Jussila.

SAATTUE HOMEPAGE: (mainly in Finnish)