Sensory Records to release sophomore DELAIN album

The much anticipated second album from Delain is finally here. It is fascinating to witness how the band has evolved! Originally conceived by Within Temptation keyboard player Martijn Westerholt as a studio project, the success of the debut album Lucidity tipped his hand and Delain has since evolved into a full blown active band. With Charlotte Wessels on vocals, Ronald Landa on guitar and grunt vocals, Sun Caged bassist Rob Vander Loo, and Sander Zoer on drums, Delain took the Netherlands by storm. The band has toured extensively throughout Europe, opening for many acts including sister band Within Temptation, and appeared at many festivals. Ultimately they became a headliner in their own right. With that behind them they headed into the studio to create their sophomore opus, April Rain.

Licensed to Sensory Records (with US distribution through Ryko/Canadian distribution thorough Sonic Unyon) from Roadrunner Records who released the album in Europe, April Rain is cut from similar cloth from Lucidity but different enough to hear the evolution mentioned above. Instead of the multiple guests that were featured on Lucidity, April Rain does benefit from the return of Nightwish bassist Marco Hietala who sings male vocals on two tracks, as well as world renowned cellist Maria Ahn.

Martijin Westholt is clearly at the helm – the big symphonic sound is still in place. Those elements that he brought to Within Temptation are clearly evident. There is a difference though…perhaps because of Jacob Hansen’s mix the sound is more focused and even grittier, crunchier (thank you Mr. Landa). Songs tend to be on the shorter side but they slam harder. Having been familiar with Rob Van Der Loo’s intense basswork with Sun Caged its great to see him bring that progressive element to the rhythm section. Charlotte Wessels is young but has developed into the perfect voice and face for Delain.

The com parisons to Within Temptation will continue but it’s obvious that Delain has come up with their own sound that stands on its own. April Rain is THE symphonic gothic metal album of 2009. The album debuted this week on the Dutch Top 100 album charts at #14, and debuted at #1 on the Dutch Alternative Charts. The band is currently on tour in Europe as direct support for Kamelot, which takes them immediately into their headlining tour. Through the kindness of Roadrunner NL we are able to offer the special limited edition digipak edition, with the exclusive bonus track “Come Closer”.