SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS preparing to unearth more gems in 2009

SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS, the Pittsburgh-based heavy metal/rock label and online store, has a slew of hard to find/rare reissues as well as new signings coming out in 2009.
The record label comments, “There is so much good material that never was released on CD from the 70’s and 80’s and I’ve made sure with SHADOW KINDGOM that we try and unearth all of these gems. We’ve been very fortunate to work with a lot of great bands in the past with the reissues, liner notes, etc. I’m looking forward to one of our new signings — we’ll announce that soon — as well as several upcoming reissues we have planned. It will be a heavy year!”

SHADOW KINGDOM’s confirmed upcoming reissues include:


ASYLUM – The Earth Is The Insane Asylum Of The Universe
(US Technical Doom, 1985) CD

Early Demos and Live Recordings
(US Heavy Punk / Heavy Metal, 1990-2002) DCD / 4LP

THE HAND OF DOOM – Poisonoise
(German Punk Rock/Heavy Metal, 1978/79) DCD / 2LP
You can visit SHADOW KINGDOM’s online store to discover many more new and rare releases from around the globe:

Current reissues from SHADOW KINGDOM:
DRAGONSLAYER – “self-titled”
RITUAL – “Widow” (reissue)
RITUAL – “Valley Of The Kings” (reissue)
IRONSWORD – “Overlords Of Chaos”
STONE GARDEN – “s/t” (reissue)