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Temple of Void – Lords of Death

Feel the crushing groove…FEEL IT! I think I may have gotten a tad bit obsessed with Detroit, Michigan’s Temple of Void. At the very least, I feel the onset of becoming a huge fan of the group taking hold. Seriously, a mere four weeks is what separates the first time I stumbled across Temple of […]

Tombstalker – Black Crusades LP

Tombstalker may be a band some of you are already familiar with, being that their debut album, Black Crusades, was released at the tail end of 2015. Personally, the album was one that flew under the radar and I missed it in the myriad of releases of last year. Luckily, Black Crusades is rearing its […]

Iron Man – Generation Void (Re-Issue)

Taking musical inspiration from Black Sabbath is never a bad thing, especially when bands like Iron Man use it to create doom metal that is as heavy and memorable as what is heard on this Shadow Kingdom reissue of 1999’s Generation Void. One of those bands that have struggled for its art through continual lineup […]

SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS preparing to unearth more gems in 2009

SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS, the Pittsburgh-based heavy metal/rock label and online store, has a slew of hard to find/rare reissues as well as new signings coming out in 2009. The record label comments, “There is so much good material that never was released on CD from the 70’s and 80’s and I’ve made sure with SHADOW […]