THE FORSAKEN: Swedish Death Unit’s Fourth Album Nears North American Release

Landskrona, Sweden-based THE FORSAKEN are preparing to drop their fourth full-length assault Beyond Redemption in North America.

Beyond Redemption surges with forty minutes of the band’s modern black/thrash-infused death metal culminating here into some of the most devastating sequences from THE FORSAKEN to date. The album was recorded by the band themselves, and the final product mixed and mastered at the renowned Fascination Street Studios (Bloodbath, Opeth, Amon Amarth, Soilwork).

THE FORSAKEN formed in 1997, initially under the moniker of Septic Breed. Following several demos, lineup changes and the name change, the band signed with Century Media for the release of their 2001 debut album Manifest Of Hate, their 2002 follow-up Arts Of Desolation and 2003’s Traces Of The Past. The band parted ways with the label in 2009, and following another personnel shift, began the construction of their now pending fourth album Beyond Redemption, through new label home Masssacre Records.

Following its successful release in Europe in recent weeks, Beyond Redemption will be available to North American metallers on August 14th. View the cover art, audio teaser and more AT THIS LOCATION.

Beyond Redemption Track Listing:

1. Beyond Redemption

2. Only Hell Remains

3. Foul Messianic Grace

4. No Dawn Awaits

5. There Is No God

6. As We Burn

7. Reap As We Have Sown

8. The Light Divine

9. Force Fed Repentance

10. Blessed With Wrath