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Forsaken, The – Beyond Redemption

For those that are unfamiliar with The Forsaken – the first and foremost thing you have to know, before throwing this one on, is that they’re very traditionally Swedish in sound. They’re the melodic death metal band rather than the technical and grindy godzilla. That being said, they sure as hell know how to jampack […]

THE FORSAKEN: Swedish Death Unit’s Fourth Album Nears North American Release

Landskrona, Sweden-based THE FORSAKEN are preparing to drop their fourth full-length assault Beyond Redemption in North America. Beyond Redemption surges with forty minutes of the band’s modern black/thrash-infused death metal culminating here into some of the most devastating sequences from THE FORSAKEN to date. The album was recorded by the band themselves, and the final […]

Forsaken, The – Manifest of Hate

Sweden’s The Forsaken is the latest entrant (and certainly not the last) in the tidal wave of melodic death metal. The band’s label, Century Media, name-drops the venerable At The Gates, Arch Enemy and the unparalleled Morbid Angel in an attempt to lure listeners into checking out what this recently-formed band is all about. Ok, […]