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Atrophy – Asylum

Looking back to 1992. I was living in England at the time due to my dad being stationed there with the Air Force. I spent many hours in the base record store, I discovered so many bands while living over there and Atrophy was one of them. It was a track on a compilation called […]

Nail Within – Sound of Demise

Jesus Fucking Christ. Has it really been 20 years since Israel’s Nail Within released their self-titled debut? That was three jobs ago, I was a baby; only 27 years old, and my daughter was only 3. She’s now graduated college and had a job for almost 2 years….FUCK! I mean the absolutely killer tracks “Dirty […]

Atrocity- Okkult III

Germany’s Atrocity has been kicking around their interpretation of extreme and oft-kilter brand of death metal for 30+ years.  I stopped following the band after their 1992 album Todessehnsucht, although I do enjoy their 1996 ep The Hunt, weird?  Their Hallucinations debut album, Blue Blood ep and Todessehnsucht material, imo are untouchable.  Perfect blend of […]

Hatriot- The Vale of Shadows

Hatriot’s fourth album The Vale of Shadows continues to show, as their last album, From Days unto Darkness, they can stand on their own without Cody (bass/Vox) and Nick’s (drums) father Zetro Souza fronting the band. For those who are unaware Zetro is the singer for Exodus and after getting booted from Exodus after the Tempo of the Damned album partnered with his kids and […]

Embryonic Autopsy – Prophecies of the Conjoined

Finally; my longtime friend in stoolism and brutality Tim King returns to death metal. Tim played bass and sang with the Chicago 90s brutal/tech death band Oppressor and we became fast friends in the 90’s playing shows together. I remember one Internal Bleeding show with them and Symphony of Grief was like at a bowling alley or some shit. We […]

Feanor – Power of the Chosen One

Feanor is an Argentinian power metal band, with three prior albums.  The band has been kicking the power metal glory around since the 90’s and their last album We Are Heavy Metal – well how much more metal can you get from that?  It’s a damn fine piece of power metal too.  Catchy and well […]

Voracious Scourge – In Death

I was a big fan of the 2018 debut ep Our Demise, by Voracious Scourge, in 2018.  Originally planned just to release an ep, Jason McIntyre, pursued the thought of wanting to release a full length and here we are.  Mike Smith, from Suffocation fame, again lays down the drums and Aad Kloosterwaard continuing to […]

Sinister – Deformation of the Holy Realm

Christ this is the 13th full-length Sinister album.  I really don’t count Dark Memorials as a 14th album because that was an album made up of cover songs. I’ve been a long time fan of the band ever since I heard the debut Cross the Styx and first saw them on tour in support of […]

Sinister – Syncretism

Ever since Sinister’s killer comeback album, Afterburner in 2006, the band has literally been on fire and playing with as much purpose as when they first began slaughtering listeners in the early 90’s. Syncretism is the band’s 12th full-length. I won’t include the Dark Memorials album, as that is a covers album. Ok, let’s cut […]

Hatriot – Heroes of Origin

‘Ole Steve “Zetro” Souza shot himself in the foot right out of the gate with this one, doing a full-court press to the press that he would re-join Exodus in a heartbeat, all the while trying to get the very stupidly-named Hatriot off the ground. This boneheaded move essentially sucked any sort of validity out […]

Forsaken, The – Beyond Redemption

For those that are unfamiliar with The Forsaken – the first and foremost thing you have to know, before throwing this one on, is that they’re very traditionally Swedish in sound. They’re the melodic death metal band rather than the technical and grindy godzilla. That being said, they sure as hell know how to jampack […]

Zombie Inc. – A Dreadful Decease

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a good slab of old school death metal? The debut album for Zombie Inc. was released to the world on February 14, and I am sure it was the soundtrack for many a candlelight dinner. Well ok probably not, but it definitely reeks of ironic humor […]

Hate Squad – Katharsis

Their press info lists them as a metalcore band, but to lump these Germans into such an oft-hated genre does a bit of a disservice. These Germans play a form of thrash/death/punk with a large dose of early Napalm Death for good measure. So if you do want to put them in the metalcore genre, […]

Paragon – Screenslaves

Sadly, albums released at the end of a year usually tempt a cruel fate of being left out of the majority of top lists, which is sometimes nothing else but a gross injustice towards some exceptional pieces of value. Thus, Screenslaves, the ninth full-length release from Hamburg-based metallers Paragon is unconditionally one of the nominees […]

Andromeda – The Immunity Zone

Failing to catch me upon a couple of initial spins, The Immunity Zone, a fourth release from Sweden’s Progressive Metal eccentrics Andromeda, finally lured me into its trap by means of its huge instrumental sections and extremely impressive songwriting. I always thought that one of the principal attributes of Andromeda’s music was its covert ability […]

Metalium – Nothing to Undo

Whatever it was that I once liked about Metalium has apparently left my system. I don’t dislike the band, it’s more like a pleasant wallpaper pattern to me these days. While it’s in the CD player, I might remark on how nice it sounds, but once I’m no longer listening to it, I quickly forget […]

Steel Attack – Diabolic Symphony

Though this is the fifth outing from the Swedish power metal act Steel Attack, it’s my introduction to them, and my first impression is pretty good. Diabolic Symphony features some nice, cutting power/traditional metal that’s not overburdened with keyboard flourishes or overbearing vocal harmonies. Singer Ronny Hemlin reminds me a little of Tim Owens (in […]