Abominable Putridity
Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation

In their 18 years of existence Russia’s Abominable Putridity has accumulated a rabid following and for a band that does not play live shows it’s been impressive.  Their 2007 debut In the End of Human Existence is one of my favorite debut albums in all of brutal slam death metal.  Beyond brutal knuckle-dragging heaving and heavy slams.

They followed that up with the 2012 The Anomalies of Artificial Origin, which featured Matti Way on vocals and that album destroys everything.  They got signed to Unique Leader Records a few years ago and put out a massive amount of merchandise and I picked up a hefty chunk of long and short sleeves.  They were supposed to put out an album through the label but that never happened.   With Matti Way still on vox the band released the 2018 single Supreme Void, yet another vicious song.  In 2020 the band announced Matti was replaced with Ángel Ochoa and the monstrous single Non Infinite Sequence was unleashed. That single was released on their current label, Russia’s Inherited Suffering Records, which has some of the best brutal death metal albums on their roster, but AP, are no doubt their best.

Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation is Abominable Putridity’s third album and I wish it did not take so long for them to release their damn albums, since I am a tremendous fan of their work.  The band now scaled down to Alexander Kubiashvili with All instruments/songwriting and Ángel back on vox.  9 songs in just under 25 minutes and there really are only 6 real/new songs on this – not a lot of bang for your buck.

AP re-recorded both singles and the album, as per usual with brutal slam death metal, opens with the instrumental “Transcending Into Orbital Solitude”, which is super heavy and then goes brutally into “Supreme Void”.  Ángel sounds absolutely putrid on this – one of the best clogged-sewer pipe, in need of Liquid Drano, vocals in the biz.  Pure filth and vomitrocious.  I love every millisecond of his vocals-always have.  The song’s slam at the 2.20 with the ultra-gutturals knocked down the Mayan Temple, from what I hear.  “Obscure Entity of Darkness”, has that signature Abominable Putridity sound.  It’s in the guitars how they are recorded and the riffs Alexander uses.  They always have had a very unique style.  Massive slams and then into the triggered as fuck blast beats.  I do question the organic nature of the drums – I do believe they are programmed.  Too perfect, exact and fast to be a human – but they sound unbelievable.

“Paroxysm” is the longest track at 3.38 and massive opening blasts, then gutturals then right into an earth-shattering slam.  It’s filthy, brutal and massive.  The guitars riffs really breathe nicely on this track as Ángel burps, gurgles and vomits all over the mic, sounding incredible.

The title track has a nice stop n start opening with some more blasting and then right into a massive brutal and ultra-heavy slam.  Destructive and well-placed.  Massive slams and gravity programmed blasting ensues to tear off your head and play tennis with it, as well as mess your shorts a bit.  I recently reviewed the new amazing Korpse album on here and said it would be a tough album, in this brutal slam death metal genre, to top.  Korpse are more organic sounding with their human drummer and yes I did side by side comparisons between both albums.  Korpse went in a more brutal death metal vein with their new album, but still having an abundance of slams, along with the 808 bass bomb drops and riffing, Korpse are the heavier of the two bands.  Regarding sheer knuckle-dragging brutal slams and even more violent sounding Abominable Putridity’s Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation bests the new Korpse.  Both will make my year end list without a friggin’ doubt.

Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation is an awesome album from Abominable Putridity.  The production is pristine, bombastic and although not as warm and organic in nature, as the new Korpse, AP really knocked it out of the park in creating the most violent sounding brutal slam death metal album of 2021.  Just when you catch your breath after an ultra-heavy slam another one forms and is better than the previous one.  The album cover is once again striking, as the band have always preferred to have a science-fiction/apocalyptic backdrop to their covers and this one is wonderful.  Do yourself a favor and get this monstrous album at once.

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Written by Frank Rini
March 25th, 2021


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