Instigate the Lunatics

You want more brutal slam death metal, don’t ya??  Bodysnatch out of Switzerland have been kicking it around since mid 00’s.  Insights of a Rotten Theatre was their 2011 debut album and started the ball rolling with getting the band an underground following.  The band went through some changes over the years and since they do not tour or play live shows, founding member and friend of mine Livio Wellinger, said F this noise and enlisted Russia’s Dmitry Avdeev and he is the bassist and guitarist now.  Livio does the drum programming and brutal vox.  Instigate the Lunatics is their sophomore album and the album name is appropriate for the times we are living in now.  When going into listening to bands with programmed drums you have to take that into account with reviews.  The drums are programmed well on this album and you can tell they’re programmed, due to the sound and especially the double bass – it’s like a typewriter on a 48 hour cocaine bender.  Last year Livio asked me if I would do some vocals on this album, since he’s a big fan of my vocals and my work with Internal Bleeding and of corpse I said yes…I am on “Eyes Forever Shut”.  Clayton Meade, from Condemned, also lays down some brutal guest vocals on the title track.

‘Shrine of Putrefaction” opens immediately with a brutal blast beat, that’s wayyyy over the top and equipped with a nice brutal 808 bass bomb drop timed perfectly with the slam and nice guitar razor riffing.  Livio has a nice set of pipes, guttural and what you would expect from this type of brutal slam death metal.  If you’re into a lot of brutal Russian slam bands, you can figure that out.  If you have a pacemaker, you may want to play this low.  More brutal blasting, then a killer slam with a pinch harmonic that just begs me to punch holes in walls.  My contractor came over the house and said what the hell was going on in your house??  I proceeded to tell him if he wanted to stick around a little longer he would find out – he decided to get the hell out of my house.  The title track has an opening killer growl and monster blasting and then right into the slam with the bass bomb drop.  Then blasting, then slowing down – very well done.  More pinch harmonics and super-fast programmed drums.  Clayton lays down some disgusting growls and vox.  Sounds incredible – I cannot wait for him to debut on the long overdue Condemned album – it’s going to cause windows to explode around the clock.  Great track.

“Eyes Forever Shut” starts with slams, brutal blasting and Livio’s crazy vocals.  When Livio gave me the lyrics to this song he also gave me creative control on what I wanted to do.  He did not tell me how to phrase the vocals so the section I was doing allowed me to place the vocals in, how I wanted and throw in some growls.  I loved it and at the 2 minute isolated part, I lay down a long growl that goes right into a brutal slam and 808 bass bomb drop.  Then I sing for a bit and then lay down a super long growl that extends for the entire blast and ending with a signature Rini “yup”.  I stop it right in time for Livio to come in and lay waste with his vocals.

The rest of the songs all are similar in style.  Blasts, slams, gutturals, bass drops and at the end of the day – yes you have heard this style of brutal death metal before – so don’t go in looking for the reinvention of the wheel.   Instigate the Lunatics from Bodysnatch is fun to listen to and all the brutal boxes have been checked.  I had a lot of fun doing vocals on the album and am honored they asked me.  The striking green cover is amazing, with a nice layout with the booklet containing pics and thanks list.  Get your brutal on and like their Facebook page and pick up the album to support underground brutality.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
June 8th, 2021


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