Through the Gate Eternal

Oh goodness this is good. Er, uh, wait – I mean, “GREAT BLAZING HELLFIRE THIS IS FUCKING RIPS!” Sorry.

It’s finally springtime, friends! While I personally am a very big fan of winter (an not just because it’s the GRIMMEST time of year), I have to admit that after a year of the pandemic, a bastard of an election cycle and all the other bullshit going on in the world, I was ready to add a little spring to my step (pun 100% intentional) and get back to some sunnier days and warmer weather. Just in time to add even more pep to my step comes South Carolina’s own Demiser, and their very first full-length filled with the kind of speedy, upbeat and super energetic Black Thrash that – despite its evil intent – is just too goddamn fun not to add a little light in your life. LETS FRIGGIN’ RAGE.

With a sound caught somewhere between Slayer, Motorhead, Destroyer 666 and Vampire, it’s not likely that anything on Through the Gate Eternal is gonna catch you unprepared for it’s 9 tracks of unrelenting fury. Besides the short intro on the album’s opening, title track, and the 2 minute instrumental interlude “Song of Byleth,” Demiser are keeping the pedal firmly on the floor and plowing through everything caught in their path, and it’s that full-throttle delivery that, to these ears, really puts this thing in the upper-echelon of similar acts. It’s just so punchy – a thoroughly-executed total package that I can’t get enough of. From the outrageous stage names like vocalist (or “Occult Liturgic Blasphemer”) DEMISER THE DEMISER, lead guitarist (“six stringed Satanic Fukklord”) GRAVEPISSER, rhythm guitarist (“abysmal rhythm of death”) PHALOMANCER, bassist (“dismal baritone curator”) DEFILER, and drummer (“purveyor of percussive bile”) INFESTOR – to song titles like “Warfuck Demon Lust,” it’s a no-fucks-given, all-in affair that’s as compelling as it is entertaining.

But lest you worry that all this ridiculousness is meant to distract the listener from a subpar musical quality, save your worries for someone else, because Demiser delivers the goods in spades. Killer guitar work litters the entire album, from the neck-snapping gallops of “Through the Gate Eternal” and “Deathstrike” (the awesome bridge towards the end of the song knocks your socks off) – to the very Slayer-ish “Offering” and more blackened “Unholy Sacrifices,” it’s a nearly non-stop barrage of riffs. The guitars are backed by super busy and impressive drumming that not only manage to keep the blistering pace, but also add in some additional flourishes that add just an extra something to the whole affair, like the sweet little ride hits near the end of “offering” before the band launches into a thrashy two-step bridge. Just an extra touch that helps to elevate a song.

The band also separates itself from the pack by not shying away from a good, albeit occasional dose of melody in the mix. Yes – the album’s goal is primarily to make you bang your head and pummel your senses into the dirt, but there’s some downright infectious and very effective melodies to be found – particularly on the excellent hook found on the Maiden-meets­-In Flames “Hook and Torment” (appropriate). The melodies, along with some of the more “Thrash n’ Roll” elements  offer just enough of a breath of fresh air to help keep from being overwhelmed by the tidal wave of riffs and barreling drums that dominate most of the record, and add a whole lot of catchy fun to the party.

It’s also a very well-produced album. While a lot of examples of this kind of thing opt for a murkier, gutter-aesthetic, the end product here is much more polished and crisp – still with just enough grit to keep anyone from accusing the album of being “over-produced.” It’s a welcome and appropriate choice, fitting of the more Thrash-leaning sound the band is putting together. The result is an album that, to these ears, makes for an easier and more enjoyable listen. Proof that you can still create a fun, raucous, rock-out vibe without sacrificing quality.

I know, I get it, there’s no shortage of this kind of thing out there in the world of metal right now. Despite the flooded field, I do truly think Demiser is an exceptional case, and absolutely worth your time to check out, as Through the Gate Eternal is some of the most fun I’ve had so far in this brief, but thus far very stacked year of metal. Bring on the Hellfire and tear it up, fellas! I’m all-in.

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Written by Steve K
April 21st, 2021


  1. Commented by: F.Rini

    killer review Steve. This is like all the classics rolled into one album. Yes we’ve heard it all before but this is played with so much conviction and it’s intense.

  2. Commented by: J. Mays

    Demiser. The. Demiser. This is the right kind of “not taking themselves seriously” that I enjoy.

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