Scattered Remnants

When it comes to metal Indonesia is known for putting out brutal death metal bands and I can split the genres up fairly easily.  On one hand, many of the bands are either the brutal slam variety, such as Internal Bleeding/Devourment or just straight up brutal and fast death metal which are similar to Gorgasm – even down to the super brutal artwork depicting the slaughtering of people.  Detritivor is a 4-piece brutal death metal, has been around for over a decade now, but Scattered Remnants is their debut, out on the Brutal Mind label, an Indonesian label.  Detritivor falls into the Gorgasm style camp with straight-up fast and brutal death metal, however, Detritivor will also incorporate some 90’s era brutality, kind of like older Cannibal Corpse. 9 songs in a half and hour is the perfect amount of time for this style of death metal.

“Prelude of Abhorrence” is an intro, going with their album cover theme, as it sounds like someone is being killed – that goes right into “Morbid Sanity” which immediately starts with a brutal blast beat.  The slow down, with the double bass is pretty cool, but at times the drum blasting is not tight and it’s noticeable when the drumming is mixed up a bit.  The vocals are not super guttural but work for this style of death metal.

“Dead in Cruelty” comes in next and is not bad, but I have trouble remembering the riffs, the mid-paced moment actually allows the riffs to breathe a bit more and has almost a Cannibal Corpse Tomb of the Mutilated sound to it – it’s actually, for me, one of the best and most memorable part on the album.  “Innocent Blood”, is the best song on the album, again allowing the riffs to breathe more.  The blasts are really fast on this song, and some of those breatheable riff moments then get lost in the hustle and bustle of the relentless blasting.  Luckily that opening catchy riff returns towards the end of the song.

“Hateful Incision” is brutal in the blasts and lots of double bass.  Guitar riffing is fast and then the song goes into a more 90’s era fast speed, before the mid-paced comes in.  The set-up of the song, structurally, is pretty good and the bass guitar is fairly audible on this song.  During many of the blasting moments it gets completely buried in the mix, but on this song, when the 90’s beat comes in it’s audible.  Some awkward drumming patterns during the slower sections though.

The rest of Scattered Remnants continues like the rest of the songs as I’ve mentioned.  The production on the album is not bad, things will get a little noisy during the blast moments and the drums, which are louder in the mix, will overpower the rest of the instruments at times.  When Detritivor slow some things down and let the guitar riffs breathe a little more, the songs work better, because the blasting is non-descript.  I cannot tell one blast beat from the next on this album.  If you’re one to pick up every super brutal death metal release that gets released then pick this up.  For me, I think the band needs to focus on some more original moments – develop their own sound, without sounding like every other brutal band out there, as well as tighten up the musicianship in certain sections.  This is not a terrible brutal death metal album, there are some pluses, as I mentioned, however, they fail to make a real impact for me to want to press repeat on this.

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Written by Frank Rini
April 28th, 2021


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