Dying Fetus
Reign Supreme

So after a couple of line up juggling, transitional post Destroy the Opposition albums in Stop at Nothing and War of Attrition,  American stalwarts Dying Fetus trimmed down to a three piece for 2009s Descend into Depravity with impressive results. And now finally, John Gallagher has put together two album with the same line up (Sean Beasley- bass and Trey Williams- Drums) and the end result of some line up consistently is obvious as Dying Fetus have delivered their best album since the classic line up and Destroy the Opposition.

I’ll come flat out and say it, this album feels like Destroy the Opposition. It has the same kind of energy and structure and vibe. Gallagher and co seem to have just come together perfectly with the same musical alignment and output as that classic album, and while this probably wont be regarded as a classic in today’s musical climate over a decade later where technical death metal and breakdowns are commonplace, it reaffirms that Dying Fetus are the OG’s of the style.

Gallagher’s song writing seems energized and more than simply slapping an open note breakdown into some pinch harmonics. There’s a methodical sneer to the albums breakdowns and the album’s title seems to make some sense as the trio seem to be actively getting their mojo and respect back from the hordes of gauge clad, short haired kids haphazardly releasing deathcore. There’s a tightness and confidence exploding from every blast and groove that crafts unrelenting heaviness into a clinical sonic weapon.

Fronted with Gallagher’s unmistakable inwards growl, a pristine production and a prefect mix of tenacity and groove, Reign Supreme hits that perfect death metal hotspot. Personal favorites reside at the start and end of the album with blistering short opener “Invert the Idols” which emphatically states the return of Dying Fetus to claim their throne and the end of the album with the monstrous restraint of  “Devout Atrocity” and the duo of “Revisionist Past” and “The Blood of Power” which both features a surprising, melodic solos. But the middle of the album is no slouch with plenty of classic sounding Fetus goodness littering each rumbleriffic track with the likes of “Subjected to a Beating”, “From Womb to Waste”  “Second Skin”   and “In the Trenches” (which I swear could be a lost track from Destroy….) which will no doubt slide comfortably next to the likes of “Epidemic of Hate” and “Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog” in Dying Fetus‘s live sets.

While many have discounted Dying Fetus in today’s breakdown filled musical climate, they have returned with a vengeance to indeed Reign Supreme and show these whippersnappers how its really done. As much as I love some of the modern deathcore bands, do you really think we will be talking about the likes of Oceano and Whitechapel in 20 years and their 7th album? I doubt it, and Dying Fetus have hit both milestones with one of their most vital and brutal releases of their career.

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Written by Erik T
June 19th, 2012


  1. Commented by: Staylow

    Nice write up Erik, and couldn’t agree more. This album fucking kills.

  2. Commented by: gabaghoul

    yeah this is great, the comparison to Destroy the Opposition is dead-on.

  3. Commented by: E. Thomas

    Hey denial/god/juicy/yourdumb. im not approving your last 2 retarded trolling comments and I deleted your previous ones. quit being a silly cunt and posting with all these names under the same 2 Ip addresses genius. im moderating your posts from here on. and even if you use a different ip address/pc, your stupidity and illiteracy will identify you easily. now fuck off and be useless somewhere else

  4. Commented by: dong schlong

    nice review but I find Reign Supreme quite the opposite, a bit dull and uninspired. also, there’s no “Divine Atrocity” on this one.

  5. Commented by: Luke

    Nice work Eric, pesky trollers are a waste of space. One can disagree without being a complete ignorant douche bag in the process. It must be a very sad, lonely individual responsible. Haven’t listened to this enough to really absorb it yet but enjoying it so far. Definitely sounds like a return to form. Ive been disappointed with their last few.

  6. Commented by: E. Thomas

    @ Dong- thnx-fixed. not sure where I got Divine from

  7. Commented by: gabaghoul

    finally picked up a copy, fuck this is awesome.

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