Kill Everything
Scorched Earth

We all know Comatose Music is known for their incredibly brutal roster of death metal bands that are vicious.  If you were sleeping to long or too busy listening to some country music, than you may have missed former Devourment members splintered off and created a new Texas beast of musical ferocity-Kill Everything, in 2016.  After 2 years we are finally greeted with the debut album, Scorched Earth and at just under 31 minutes, Kill Everything has really one thing on their mind and that is to bludgeon you to death, again and again and again…and again.

You get Brian Wynn on guitar, Weston Wylie on guitar and backup vocals, Jeff Huffman on bass, Shane Newbrough on drums and Mike Majewski on vocals.  Let’s start off with the band named song. Starting off with an audio snippet-not sure where it’s from, but probably some serial killer…anyway the tune gets into some brutality pretty soon thereafter with some great drum rolls and heavy guitars and killer double bass.  Great to hear some great bass guitar playing and then Mike’s vocals come in.  He sounds a lot more pronounced than when he fronted Devourment, enunciating the words more, therefore you can hear all the violence he is vomiting forth.  The tune has some solid breakdowns.  The 3 minute breakdown I believe I fired up a jackhammer and began running it through my neighborhood.  I was putting holes the size of basketballs on people’s lawns and then the 3.55 part came in.  This guttural slam-fest breakdown started a collapse of the town.  Mike going extremely low.  Holy crap this is when I took that fired up jackhammer and started using it like a Texas lasso and began corralling cars and launching them across the Atlantic.  Seriously, guys, just open your live sets with this track.  It has the perfect combination of furious blasts, breakdowns and heavy mid-section swells to start up a pit immediately.

“Intrinsic Vexation” has a monster heavy guitar opening riff.  Highly influenced by the Texas brutal death metal scene.  Love the opening lyrics.  Yes the tune is violent and Mike letting out some nice croaking growls and I swear he sounds like he is mauling someone to death, as does the rest of the song.  The 2 minute mid-section part is quite brutal and relentless and then the song meanders into a wicked break-down and I felt the earth’s interior plates move.  The 3 minute death thrash beat is pure classic and I love this part-throw up your damn horns everyone.  Very cool to have the beginning lyrics tie in to end the song, as it originally began.  I like that-it helps to have the song embed in the listener’s brain even more.

The album cover is quite striking with its Lovecraftian imagery-very well done.  The album production is spot on for brutal death metal. It’s loud, noisy, yet clear and will be waking your neighbors up when you crank this puppy up.  There are a total of 8 songs, and again Kill Everything are not hear to write tech-noodly type of death metal.  They’re strictly here to write and create brutal American Death Metal-homegrown and making no apologies for it.  The music is well-played and very violent sounding.  Go to the label and pick out the various package deals of Scorched Earth-it will scorch your brain wide-open.  You will literally be Laid to Waste by Carnivorous Lunar Activities.  If you don’t understand that sentence-well then go out and buy the goddamned album already.  Buy  or Die!


[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
July 24th, 2018


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