Kings Never Die
All The Rats

I have quite a great deal of respect for Danny Schuler, drummer for Biohazard.  When Bill Tolley passed away, in the line of duty for FDNY, in 2017 Danny posted on the Internal Bleeding Facebook wall his support and leaving us his number.  This warmed my dark heart.  When I joined IB back in 1994, Billy and I were already friends and huge Biohazard fans.  We played at the Milwaukee MetalFest with them in ’94 and even hung out with a bunch of the gents.  Although no longer in IB, until my touring return in 2018, Billy and I remained close and since I was making the trek to NY because I was invited to be part of the funeral procession and events etc..I called Danny right after his post and we spoke for quite some time, since this was all still fresh.  I told Danny how much Billy loved his drums and that State of the World Address was Billy’s favorite Biohazard album.  Christ he and I would sing “Five Blocks to the Subway” non stop back in the day.  So to see not only Biohazard reforming and Danny in this new band, Kings Never Die, would bring a shit eating grin to Billy.

And this debut album All the Rats, fucking smokes!  With members from NY, NJ, PA this 10 song 30 minute album is just what the hardcore doctor ordered.  There are smatterings of punk and metal all interspersed within the hardcore musical base with positive and uplifting lyrics, to coincide with some serious subject matter.  “Stay True” opens with the vocals coming in and the classic hardcore music bursting through.  Having a strong base of growing up in NY and listening to NYHC at a very early age  – I would slam around in my parents basement to Agnostic Front’s Victim in Pain, constantly.  I would bring those hardcore movements and attitude to the death metal scene when I fronted Internal Bleeding and still singing on albums to this day. This track will cause you to two-step and pick up change all damn day.  I was doing some whirlwind windmill kicks.  This song sets the stage for the rest of the album and I would love for this to be their live opening song.

“Stand for It All” is up next and is just as catchy as the opening song, with a little Biohazard guitar melody early on and Danny’s signature drum patterns are all over this song.  The one minute mark is an excellent breakdown, where a guitar solo comes through, and then some yells and back into the groove.  This part is classic-I swear it takes me back to like 1983-1987, era NYHC.  The 2.14 groove will have pits erupting all over the place and you will want to go down the street to Ancona Pizza, grab a few slices, and slam dance in the pit while eating your slices.  “Were We Friends at All” starts with the title being yelled, then the song speeding up with a nice little nifty guitar solo and then the song gets into a more mid-paced groove, and this song has classic lyrics and gang shouted vocals.  The lyrical content will remind you of certain songs, like MOD’s “True Colors”- about, being there for others, but then in the end are the mofos really having your back or are they friends with you only to serve their own selfish greedy ass needs?  Powerful and fun all at the same time.  In the end if you do not have respect for your true family and friends then go fuck off!

“Side By Side” is another uplifting tune in terms of if someone you’re close with if they’re going through tough times you have their back and you intrinsically know they deserve it ‘cause they would do the same for you.  The song has some good use of double bass drums and has a classic quick gallop reminding you of the 80’s hardcore metal combinations.  There’s some quick, short little fast punk hardcore numbers like “The Juice”, which provides the listener with just enough headbanging and circle pit moments to make one’s head fall clean off their pathetic shoulders and “This One’s for You” is my favorite song on the album, due to the chorus.

Kings Never Die are a great new band and while only being around for a few years have created a very memorable debut album with All the Rats.  Rooted mainly in NYHC, there are punk and metal moments.  At various moments you will hear some Biohazard, The Misfits, Agnostic Front influences, all intertwined in an excellent, not overly produced album.  The production is great, retaining an organic quality, where all the instruments and vocals are mixed in nicely and no instrument overtaking the other.  And who said east coast Hardcore was dead?  Great debut and I am happy to see Danny still nailing those drum beats.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
August 16th, 2023


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