Solem Vatem

When Unique Leader signs a band, I instantly put it on my “must check out” list.  Their track record of signing some truly top-notch death/brutal death metal is second to none.  So as a deathcore fan, and hearing that the debut of Krosis was going to be on UL, it had all the makings of an instant deathcore classic eh?  Well, not so much.

Krosis fancies themselves as technical/progressive deathcore, and that seems to be a pretty fitting label.  They have the djenty, stabbing riffs that are all the rage these days (and the past 4-5 years no less), and some solid riffing, but this one is just an overall miss.

First off the production is way too flat for this style of music, which is supposed to have heaviness and a thick production as an almost dead-on requirement to have any effect.  Secondly there are WAY too many overly pseudo-philosophical-trying-to-have-some-deep-meaning samples in the final few tracks that kill a lot of the vibe of the album and tend to be more boring and energy-killing than anything.  The dual vocal attack is ok, with the death growl much better than the screams.  And finally, clocking in at over 56 minutes this one isn’t nearly filled with enough substance to take up an hour of your time (neither is most deathcore at that length, and that’s coming from a huge fan of the genre).

There’s not a whole lot to go into here, so this one is going to be short.  Fans of the genre should at least give it a spin, while all the deathcore haters out there probably stopped reading after the first paragraph.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Kevin E
April 18th, 2018


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