Morbid Angel
Illud Divunum Insanus

This has to be a late April’s Fools right?

Or some sick practical joke and somewhere Trey Azagthoth and David Vincent are laughing it up, and will let us in on the joke, then release a proper album, right?

Because if not, I’m going to be pissed, as are lots of other death metal fans.

We waited eight years for this? We waited 16 years for David Vincent to return and deliver this?

Listen, I’m not usually one to buy into the negative hype (I mean, read my Liturgy review) but after reading some reviews and hearing the considerable negative buzz about Morbid Angel’s long awaited 9th album, I had to hear it for myself, thinking “that one track they put out on youtube (“Existo Vulgore”) wasn’t so bad”. But after trying to absorb Illud Divunum Insanus for over a week now, I can truly say it like it is:

This is a real piece of shit.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the rumors about industrialized beats, and even rapping…well, I’m here to tell you they are all true. Death metal veterans may not even recognize or even identify the band initially. Musically, this simply should not even be classified as a Morbid Angel album, as it’s more like some sort of sideshow project. David Vincent sounds awful for about half the album with a processed gruff shout and his lyrics, are at times, utterly inane; “Were the radicals here to say YEAH” “We’ll always be maniacal and animal”. (From “Radikult!”

The burr in most listeners’ asses will be firmly in place after the intro “Omni Potens” as “Too Extreme!” is–I’m going to let that title sink in for a bit–one of the many huge missteps on the album that will have fans up in arms. With a pulsing industrial/techno beat and Vincent talking about how extreme he and the band are, Illud Divunum Insanus takes a turn to the absurd. Then the band tease you with two passable Morbid Angel tracks in the aforementioned “Existo Vulgore” and “Blades for Baal”, and first time listeners may think “Too Extreme!” was just a one time clusterfuck. But you got it. It’s not. Far from it. Other than another couple of tired but still relatively pleasing–considering the rest of the album–death metal tracks in “Nevermore”, “10 More Dead” and “Beauty Meets Beast”, the rest of the album is just head shakingly bad. Stubbornly loyal fans will say that the album is still half quality Morbid Angel death metal. I don’t care because, A) the non shit tracks are pretty dull and awfully mixed, and B) the rest of the album is so shockingly bad that even if Morbid Angel had penned the best five death metal tracks of their entire career, it would not change how ridiculous the rest of the songs are and they wouldn’t be enough to save the whole album.

“I am Morbid” comes across as a sort of mid-paced, nu-metal, chest beating, “We were and are awesome” -metal anthem that Manowar does, complete with crowd chants of “Morbid!” I actually threw up a little bit in my mouth. As much as I hate to get into them, as the rest have to be heard to believe how bad they are; you’ve got “Destructos Vs Earth/Attack” — a Marilyn Manson styled electronica-filled rock song. Then there’s more techno/industrial pop metal for the album’s giant hemorrhoid (of many) in “Radikult”, which I actually hate to bring up and revisit for review purposes. Not least for the fear of getting physically sick again. Just…ugh…my god! Stop it! I hoped that closer “Mea Culpa” (latin for my apologies), is a thinly veiled apology to the fans as we deserve it after sitting through the album, but it’s a programmed techno speed metal track that sounds something like The Berzerker but way shittier.

Some (I’m guessing few) may view Illud Divunum Insanus as a controversial, unique, brave and genre shattering experiment of extremity–sorry Trey, posting quotes from your metal pals like Karl Sanders and Mikael Akerfeldt about how good the album is on your Facebook-page comes across as desperate–but most will find it a horrible waste of time and the musing of a self-absorbed Trey Azagthoth.

Better titles for the album might have been Idiotic, Insanely Bad or Insipid. And while I doubt their place in death metal’s pantheon and previous legendary discography, especially the David Vincent -era that they’re pissing on right here, will really be lessened by one album over twenty years later. The fact is, however, that Morbid Angel have seriously really tried hard to do just that, and tarnish their legacy and possibly their future with their own St Anger (but worse).

At least we can still listen to the awesome new Hate Eternal or Nader Sadek albums to see how former Morbid Angel members are faring. Much fucking better, I think.

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Written by Erik T
June 6th, 2011


  1. Commented by: Apollyon

    “Kill a cop, cop, kill a cop, kill a kill a kill cop, yeah“

    Ice-T did that already 20 years ago. A lot better too.

  2. Commented by: vugelnox

    the difference between this and St.Anger is that I believe many long time Metallica veterans had already given up on the bands years back, held no expectation of anything and so when the album sucked (and suck it did) you could always say “it’s a shame but they already were a lost cause”. This time out there was a greater expectation of something glorious, or at least worthy of their name, but to go so far in the other direction… it still boggles the mind!

  3. Commented by: Biff_Tannen

    Perhaps the “J” album will be “Just Kidding”… ?

  4. Commented by: Erik Thomas

    hahahaha- well played

  5. Commented by: Nekobibu

    It’s “kill a CULT”, for Cthulhu’s sake!!! :D

  6. Commented by: Old Pick Axe

    God. Why? No one was a bigger Morbid Angel fan than I back in the day. Covenant and Domination are absolute masterworks. Why did MA turn into this farce.


  7. Commented by: Clauricaune

    This will probably be the metal disappointment of the decade.

  8. Commented by: Daemo

    Next album will be dubstep and it’ll be called Jewstep. Just wait and see.

  9. Commented by: Elvis P. Resley

    Great comment AND a great name Biff!! *thumb up!*

  10. Commented by: KickMyJunk

    This album sucks. Bad.

  11. Commented by: Apollyon

    “It’s “kill a CULT”, for Cthulhu’s sake!”

    What a shame. They should have been more urban and gangsta; would have added a bit more novelty to the album (which I still need to actually hear).

  12. Commented by: Pochak Deepra

    Oh yeah, it’s bad all right. I don’t care what David Vincent is saying in “Radikult”, the song itself sounds like entrance music for a pro wrestling tag team. Any time you hear a fanboy ruckus with statements like, “you’re just closed-minded” and “you’re afraid of anything different”, you know a band has just released a real turd of an album. Who knows what they were thinking when they came up with this, but be assured: whatever it was, it was stupid. Maybe Trey needs to turn off the video games and dubstep music, leave the house and mingle a bit with some relevant death metal musicians again because his attempts at trying to make more….commercial music on this album are pitiful. My hopes for this album were 50-50 but I never expected to actually cringe.

  13. Commented by: Dan

    @Erik Thomas

    I was withholding judgment on this, thinking maybe people were overreacting the way they did with the last Cryptopsy (bad, but not THAT bad). But one of the reasons I keep coming back to your reviews is that I’ve never felt like you were one to shoot something down over scene politics. You always give a fair shake. Reading this now, I know it must be true.

    They were good while they lasted….

  14. Commented by: Dan

    Also, thinking about it now, it’s kind of funny that no one saw this coming given that Dave Vincent’s been hanging out in Genitorturers since ’94.

  15. Commented by: DK777

    Once upon a time, a “bad Morbid Angel album” was something outside the realm of possibility.

    You know, like Steven Tyler hosting a lame TV talent competition… or a brain-dead Alaskan woman coming dangerously close to the White House… or gas reaching $4.00 a gallon.

    Oops… maybe I should withdraw the Tyler reference, for we are clearly “Living On The Edge”! Insanus, indeed…

    Time to spin ALTARS OF MADNESS and remember a time when the world made sense…

  16. Commented by: DK777


    Where are the puerile jokesters who’ll twist INSANUS into a version of IN + ANUS???

    Surely a piece of shite like this deserves such “reverence” and humor, no???

    Damn… turns out that I am one of those puerile jokesters!

  17. Commented by: appollyonx

    Yeah, this album makes me wanna punch babies. Its absolutely the worst album I have ever heard.

  18. Commented by: faust

    Hahahaha.. wow.. i’m gonna get home and listen to this immediately.. That’s one brutal review right there Erik..

  19. Commented by: gordeth

    @DK777 – You’ll find some fellow jokesters here:

  20. Commented by: Cynicgods

    @Apollyon: I thought it was kill a cop too! :P

    @Biffy: HAHAHAHHAHAA!!! Well played indeed.

    @vugel: I really thought they would come up with something at least as good as Domination. Never thought it would be the worst album of their entire careers. Heretic is a masterpiece compared to Illud.

    @Everyone: The right way to mix industrial and death metal? The Project Hate MCMXCIX. Do yourself a favor and wash your ears of this nonsense with their newest one.

  21. Commented by: tom957

    As I said on another site, let’s hope that maybe one day Morbid Angel can produce a ‘Monotheist’ years after the ‘Cold Lake’ they just shat out.

  22. Commented by: titmo71

    I refuse to fall in line and conform with the rest of you all, and I’ll say this ain’t THAT bad.

  23. Commented by: Storm King

    Oh my god.

    I don’t have quite the sense of betrayal many here have simply because, while I acknowledge how important Morbid Angel is to the history of death metal, they’re not one of my favorite death metal bands. In fact, I thought that might allow me to more objectively view this album (as an example, I didn’t think the last Cryptopsy, taken by itself, was all THAT bad, it just wasn’t what people thought of when they thought of Cryptopsy.) since I didn’t have the huge affection for early Morbid Angel that most death metal fans have.

    It turns out that-no, objectively, this album is one of the greatest miscalculations in music history.

    Bad enough that the “pure” death metal songs are frightfully generic, but the supposedly experimental songs aren’t bad because they’re experimental-they’re just plain BAD. “Too Extreme!” is just badly done industrial, “I Am Morbid” is a horrible blend of nu-metal and self-congratulatory cock rock, and words can’t do justice to how terrible “Radikult” is.

    In theory, one could take Trey’s bizarre riffing style and leads and blend that with some frantic, hectic industrial beats and could make something that, well, it wouldn’t be Morbid Angel maybe, but it’d be interesting. The worst thing about this album is…it’s so damned GENERIC. I haven’t a clue what they were thinking.

  24. Commented by: Nick Taxidermy

    oh my god, what the fuck is this, hahahahaha! Radikult is hysterical. Holy jesus.

  25. Commented by: Old Pick Axe

    Dan, you know what’s the ultimate irony? The most recent Genitorturers album “Blackheart Revolution” is a HELL OF A LOT BETTER than this goddamn thing.

  26. Commented by: titmo71

    why didn’t u post my thread??? fags

  27. Commented by: Apollyon

    “why didn’t u post my thread??? fags”

    All the first time posters/posts go to a moderation queue at first. It’s mentioned right below the ‘submit comment’ button ♥

  28. Commented by: faust

    Jesus Christ this album sucks hairy donkey balls…

  29. Commented by: Blackwater Park

    Glad to see the TROO KVLT NECRO crowd representing here. *rolls eyes* I posted effectively the same thing over at Blabbermouth, but here it is again…

    The fact is, this is actually a really good album that is getting a bad rap because its become trendy to bash it. Cut “Too Extreme!”, “Destructos Vs The Earth / Attack”, and “Radikult” from the playlist and this is a fucking solid album that is every bit worthy of the Morbid Angel logo. Cutting those three songs it still clocks in at 35 minutes, which is longer than Reign in Blood and as a more recent comparison, it would also still be longer than Traced In Air.

    In other words, yeah the three aforementioned songs aren’t the greatest MA tracks (although I actually like them), but you still get a hell of a lot of bang for your buck here so what the fuck is everyone complaining about?

    Also, comparisons to Marilyn Manson?… honestly, I wouldn’t have a clue because I don’t watch MTV or waste my time listening to that tripe. Glad to hear all you supposedly TROO KVLT NECRO badasses who police the scene know so much about trendy MTV-core. Is that part of your job description? Or are you just a bunch of Johnny-come-latelys who made the step to extreme Metal last week? You either have no other point of reference other than what you evidently know so well (i.e., Marilyn Manson), or feel really insecure about experimentation (usually such individuals are homophobes and racists too, it’s all rooted in an insular mindset of fear).

    Anyway, I hear a Morbid Angel album here, but maybe that’s because I’ve been a fan since 1990 and have never been a member of the scene police because I know how to think for myself and listen to whatever I like.

    And finally, what’s really pathetic here is this review and the responses so far. The review is a total and obvious attempt to score scene points, and the supporting posts amount to a scenester circle-jerk. GO GO SCENESTERS!!!

  30. Commented by: Storm King

    You know, BP, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to paint the people who are aware of what Marilyn Manson sounds like as being johnny come lately scene kids, no matter how hard you try to insult people who dislike something as being homophobic or racist, no matter how many places you go saying all of this…this album sucks.

    Yes, I know what Marilyn Manson sounds like. I don’t like his music, but the only way you could miss his music over the past fifteen years is to have never listened to a rock radio station, or never been to a movie, or watched television. Popular music shows up all over the place, it doesn’t require being a fan to hear it.

    And man, if you cut the mediocre/bad songs out of any album they’d be genius too. These songs exist. And they suck. Trey promised we’d hear influences of the extreme industrial he listens to-instead we get music that sounds like the crap that’s been on video games and as pro wrestling entrance music for a decade or more. Keep on selling that whole “this CD is only disliked by scene kids and people wanting to score scene points” (what the fuck does that even MEAN?) I’ll still think this CD sucks.

  31. Commented by: titmo71

    yeah, my bad,I’m an idiot.

  32. Commented by: Blackwater Park

    I don’t ever listen to the radio, I never go to the movies, and I barely ever watch TV.

    *takes a bow*

  33. Commented by: jerry

    BP, if you like it that’s fine, but opinions like yours are why there will never be an objectively bad record again. bad music no longer exists because people attach motive and other bullshit to it. i CRINGED at this music after being a fan of MA for as long as you have, and it wasn’t because i cared about what other people thought about it. it’s because it is legitimately bad, and the shit that isn’t experimental is boring as fuck. The last efforts from Cryptopsy and The Haunted, etc, will always have people saying if you don’t like it it’s because youre a close-minded metal loser, so now anything that sucks will get a free pass because the opposite side of the trend is to praise it to gain points for yourself for being “open minded.”
    pretty fucking stupid, having your motives for liking something being questioned, isn’t it?

  34. Commented by: Biff_Tannen

    Trey’s guitar work + “underground/hardcore” industrial sounds like a GREAT idea on paper. I’d love to hear that.
    The problem is that this is just BAD. It’s half assed and reeks of laziness. Seriously, Morbid Angel has always been ahead of the crowd and pushing open new doors, without proclaiming to do so. On this album, they talk it up about being pioneers and visionaries…yet, what they produced sounds like what the Nu metal/ industrial pop (ie; Orgy) were doing in the late 90’s. They failed to lead, and oddly enough, they failed to even FOLLOW what the mainstream crapped out 10-15 years ago.

    This simply SUCKS.

  35. Commented by: Biff_Tannen

    Another thing that I find interesting and extremely telling is that of the 30+ professional reviews I have read and opinions from friends about the album, the absolute highest ‘praise’ anyone has given this album is that ‘the death metal songs aren’t that bad’. Seriously, that’s the most positive thing anyone has said about the album.

  36. Commented by: Blackwater Park

    Jerry… obviously you don’t have a clue. So called “objectively bad music” has never existed. Appreciating or not appreciating music is, was, and ALWAYS will we subjective. It is an INDIVIDUAL experience.

    Remember the Metal Maniacs slogan?…

    “There is no accounting for taste”.


    There is nothing “legitimately” bad about this? What makes it “legitimate”? Because you said so? Because 10 reviewers said so? Consensus? You don’t even have an argument.

  37. Commented by: Blackwater Park

    “professional reviews” ROTFLMAO!!!!

    Who, in this day and age, gets “paid” (hence professional) to write reviews? Were you reading Rolling Stone? Or are you talking about the 10 cents some schmuck at Teeth of the Divine, Blabbermouth, or Metal Reviews was paid to review this album?

    Give me a break.

  38. Commented by: Evil In U

    There is no accounting for taste but if you don’t like the new MA it’s because you’re a poser trying to score scene points.

    Makes perfect sense to me. Kudos!

  39. Commented by: jerry

    there is objectively bad music. people can feel whatever they want from music, that is individual for sure, but music can be objectively viewed in terms of structure and creativity. sure, you can argue that these qualities have subjective merit, but if something is haphazardly constructed or completely uninspired, it gives the music a quality that speaks first before an individual can even react to it. if such a thing as “bad music” doesnt exist, music professors would be out of a job, and music theory would be obsolete. given my knowledge of how song structure works as well as my knowledge of what morbid angel is capable of, i can damn well say that this record is objectively bad.

  40. Commented by: faust666

    BP is a fuckin joke. He has now overtaken Itwalks and other brilliant internet luminaries to take home the award of “Internet Warrrior Douche of The Decade”. It’s pitful really. Oh well, he has the new Haunted and Morbid Angel albums to keep him company.

    And yeah, this album is truly , TRULY a piece of crap. There is absolutely nothing redeeming on it.

  41. Commented by: heath

    I’ve been a Morbid angel fan since 1990 and have everything they have put out. I always expect something different every time. They are responsible for numerous copy cat bands that churn out covenant style death metal every year. Dave coming back was a plus for me but I was expecting something different because dave was gone since 1996 and pete is out. Its different but not terrible. 7.5/10

  42. Commented by: Nick Taxidermy

    that racism and homophobia dig was pretty unnecessary, you coward.

  43. Commented by: Erik Thomas

    I watching these comments closely. keep the comments somewhat civil please (towards each other anyway- you can rip the album all you want)

  44. Commented by: Clauricaune

    Most commented review on the site ever.

    Really, if for some improbable reason you happen to like this album, don’t bother defending it, unless you’re a masochist.

  45. Commented by: KickMyJunk

    Let me add that everyone misquoting Radikult makes me lol. I think at this point people know he’s not saying “Kill a Cop” but it’s a terrible song and it makes picking on it even funner when it’s intentionally misquoted.

  46. Commented by: Blackwater Park

    “There is no accounting for taste but if you don’t like the new MA it’s because you’re a poser trying to score scene points.

    Makes perfect sense to me. Kudos!”

    Yeah, I can fully appreciate that some people genuinely don’t like this album. No problem. I just have a problem with all the people attempting to score scene points based on bashing it endlessly and the whole “400 reviews said it sucks, so it totally sucks” mentality. Think for yourself! If you don’t like it, fine who cares, but is it really necessary to go on and on about Trey and David’s integrity? Here is where he is coming from…

    He hits the nail on the head.

  47. Commented by: Blackwater Park


    You don’t like me. I don’t like you either. It’s old news and nobody cares. Move on with your life.

  48. Commented by: Blackwater Park

    Nick Taxidermy…

    I didn’t know the definition of being a “coward” was calling a spade a spade? Thanks for that! Hope you have a great day! :)

  49. Commented by: jerry

    BP, its not about being close minded or whatever. honestly, we’re all adults here, i’m sure no one here really gives a shit about “scene points” or whatever. trey talks about in the article you linked that he wonders if metal audiences could get down with a mixed bill as long as the electronic artists are over the top and extreme, and if the electronic elements in Illud were in fact over the top and extreme there wouldnt be an issue. instead they are tired, completely transparent and downright embarrassing.

    i linked this on metalreview-if the electronic stuff in illud was anywhere close to the extremity of THIS band, Illud could be a fucking monumental release.

  50. Commented by: Bludow

    “Killa kult kult killa kult LIVIN HARDCORE AND RADICAL!!” Fuckin love this shit. Illud is perhaps one of the greatest albums ever released. Not only by MA but by any band.

  51. Commented by: Nick Taxidermy

    wait, Blackwater, who are you again? some goof standing up for some of the worst music I have heard in the last few months by comparing those who dislike it to actual bigots. I’m not even really a Morbid Angel fan, son. I don’t know their material that well. I heard some of this record, and was pretty much completely repulsed by its nu-metal apishness and utter lack of inspiration. if you’re down with it, good for you. I bet you might also be into Static X, brah.

  52. Commented by: Blackwater Park

    wait, Nick… get over yourself. I didn’t say that not liking this album a priori makes one a racist or a homophobe, I said that individuals who are insecure about experimentation are also typically homophobes and racists, stemming from an insular mindset. This is an idea based upon observation, son. The fact that you’ve taken this statement very personally tells me one of following three things: 1) you don’t know how to read beyond a 3rd grade level; 2) the glove fits; or 3) both. Now run along and cry to Mommy because someone trolled you on the Internet, brah.

  53. Commented by: Nick Taxidermy

    trolled, huh? sounds about right.

  54. Commented by: jerry

    seriously dude, you saying that people that don’t want to hear MA experiment makes them good candidates for homophobic/racist mindsets is as generalizing as the ideology you are ripping on. people don’t like the record. and of course metal fans don’t like the record. we all didn’t stumble onto this website because of a flyer we saw at a rave.

  55. Commented by: faust

    Gentlemen, gentlemen!! Don’t feed the fuckin troll!!

    BP – Please, I beg you, for the love of philosophy, veganism, adoption, cambodia, new zealand, anarchy, academia etc etc, SHUT THE FUCK UP (please) !!!

  56. Commented by: Blackwater Park
  57. Commented by: Old Pick Axe

    To all my metal brothers who despised, loathed and considered killing themselves after hearing this piece of ass…check out the new Vomitory. It’ll make everything all better. NOW THAT’S A DEATH METAL ALBUM.

  58. Commented by: tom957

    I was totally hesitating to listen to any of this shitplatter. I heard some of Too Extreme! and Radikult. This raises the really-awesome-band-who-makes-a-horrible-fucking-album bar way too high.

  59. Commented by: Blackwater Park

    Digby Pearson (Earache boss) hits the nail on the head. Check it out here…

  60. Commented by: Apollyon

    Finally gave the album a deserved listen. Never been the biggest Morbid Angel fan so I wasn’t expecting them to fit a certain mold. Nor did I have any expectations set for them, anyway. I also listen to plenty of other things besides ‘metal’, so I’m not that shy to new influences. With that context in mind, I have to agree with the guys shaking their heads: this album really is kind of a clusterfuck.

    When you combine mediocre (death) metal with mediocre or bad industrial, it’s not extreme, it’s simply bad. And sad–not because a band of such stature would attempt to rejuvenate themselves–but because they fail so miserably at it. Had I not known this was Morbid Angel, I probably would have wondered if this was some early proof-of-concept demo.

    To be brutally honest (and ready for the flak), I actually thought ‘Radikult’ was the most coherent, inspired and entertaining song on the album (especially when I imagine the kill a cop -line). Yet, the ending on the song is basically a good general view of the whole album. It absurdly cheap. Couldn’t they have actually used real string instruments to go with the painful masturbation grunts?

    It’s cheap like most of the album’s ‘ground breaking’ elements. For example, ‘Destructos VS the Eart’ is like a castration on a children’s morning show. Weak, clean of anything and everything, and without any sort of vehemence. If they aimed for a sinister, cold, hard hitting album, they failed horribly. It’s all so very meh and bland. Powerless, even. To add to the injury, the actual death metal songs are really nothing to write home about either as the riffs and blasting are simply forgettable. And if the riffs don’t work, well, fuck it.

    At times, David Vincent still has a decent voice though.

  61. Commented by: Nick Taxidermy

    see, Blackwater Park? Objective opinions prevail. I listen to industrial and electronic pretty regularly. this disgraces those genres, as well. so yeah. go back under your bridge or whatever.

  62. Commented by: jerry

    that link gives the impression that stylistic shifts in metal were accepted prior to the internet age, where apparently lemming behavior reigns over individual opinion, but come on dude. remember the backlash Carcass got over Swansong, which is 10x the record Illud is? Cold Lake? Cancer’s Black Faith? people didn’t have to download these records back then or read a metal forum to get disappointed by them. nowadays however people can get down to Swansong because although it wasn’t grind or whatever, it was still a mature, well written record. Nothing about Illud speaks to over 2 decades of songwriting maturity.

  63. Commented by: Shockwave

    Kind of weird to completely trust the opinion of someone who actually has to sell lots of the new morbid angel, and not to forget, the re-releases they are doing surrounding the new album. Same thing as that desperate facebook posting from season of mist. He sums it up best in his last words:

    “For Morbid Angel(/Earache) in 2011, its very much Death Metal business as usual.”

  64. Commented by: A.H

    Digby’s got it nailed to an A. The shitstorm that this album has generated is at the same time humorous and disturbing. You don’t like something, you don’t listen to it. Me, I’ll have some more that Radikult please.

  65. Commented by: Old Pick Axe

    But that’s not entirely true, Shockwave. “Death metal business as usual” does not mean sucking ass. You need look no further than the new Vomitory and the new Autopsy to prove that all is not lost on the death metal front. Trust me, there’s still hope.

  66. Commented by: gabaghoul

    to be honest, I like some of the WTF tracks on here quite a bit – ‘Destructos vs the Earth’ is pretty cool (love the new wave clean vox tossed in there), and ‘Radikult’ reminds me of Pig, particularly Stroll in the Pork. ‘Too Extreme’ is weaksauce though, sounds like warmed-over Rammstein (who I also like).

    Now of course this is all a real shock for a Morbid Angel album so I understand the outcry, but I’d actually return to these oddball tracks. on the other hand, most of the album’s actual ‘death metal’ tracks (with the exception of “Nevermore,” are completely forgettable and not worth the rest of the band’s legacy.

  67. Commented by: Shockwave

    @Old pick axe: Please don’t get me wrong, I never meant to say all is lost with death metal, far from. Also I’m completely ok when bussiness is involved, there is nothing wrong making an honest buck on music. It’s the fact that someone doesn’t make a critical note when a seller (earache) is desperately defending his products (new MA album and re-releases surrounding it). Is there anything! else he could have said except nothing at all? ” Yeah new MA sucks balls, fuck that shit”. Not only would he have hurt his own company, he would have some serious problems with almost every other company he’s dealing with.

  68. Commented by: Appollyonx

    I’d rather listen to both Heretic and Gateways on continuous repeat than this piece of shit. Easily the most disappointing release this year.

  69. Commented by: shaolinlambkiller

    Album is terrible. the death metal songs sound like throwaways from Domination but more tedious and tired sounding. The mix is god awful. And the worst part isn’t the album is all the people coming to defend it because they can’t stand someone else doesn’t like it. Just because I don’t like the album doesn’t mean i’m close minded, trying to get scene points (whatever the fuck that is), or latching on to some group mentality. Can’t I simply hate an album I don’t like because I don’t like it?

  70. Commented by: Old Pick Axe

    I’m sitting here in the dark listening to “Visions From The Dark Side” from Altars Of Madness…and thinking about how GOOD this album could have and should have been.

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  • Arð - Untouched By Fire
  • Kerry King - From Hell I Rise
  • Trocar - Extremities
  • Vesperian Sorrow - Awaken the Greylight
  • From Dying Suns - Calamity
  • Volcandra - The Way of the Ancients
  • Kosuke Hashida - Justifiable Homicide
  • The Dread Crew of Oddwood - Rust & Glory
  • Six Feet Under - Killing For Revenge
  • Skulldozer - Non Stop Ruthless Crushing