Parasitic Ejaculation

I’ve been following California’s Parasitic Ejaculation since 2012 with their Sickening Conduct ep, dropping on the scene to a little buzz.  5 years later and the band have just dropped Isolation, their third full-length onto our laps.  If you’re new to the Parasitic Ejaculation party and unsure of their sound, well brutal slam death metal is your point of reference.  Think pure knuckle-dragging, caveman-like, festering slam brutality in the vein of Russia’s monstrous Abominable Putridity.  Pretty much through the albums the line-up has remained intact and this helps with their sound and becoming better as songwriters.

Isolation is Parasitic Ejaculation’s best release to date and best produced, as well.  Opening with “Ingesting Disease” we are once again graced with Josh Schwartz and his killer bass guitar opening.  Rather than going for the super loud twang sound, as they had on Echoes of Depravity, from 2015, it’s more bottom-heavy this time around.  This adds to the overall heaviness of the band.  The song is one monstrous slam of an opener with 90’s stylized pinch-harmonics that my former band, Internal Bleeding perfected back then.  This should be their opening live song.  Bludgeoning.  The pit would be a pile of bodies.  “Punctuating The Decay” has a great opening bouncy sequence and almost has a little Vomit Remnants slam-bounce to the song.  Very fun and heavy.  The 1 minute mark has some great gutturals from Mr. Neal.  The song gets into some faster parts with some blasting from Donovan.  The guitar attack from Mike and Parker creates a sonic landscape of pure heaviness.

The title track has a great opening bass guitar part which the band then kicks into gear at the 25 second mark and this part is terrifically heavy and there are some very cool signature time changes during this 2 minute track.  The 1.22 part get things into full on slam when you hear the cymbals, isolated guitar parts and then boom right into the neighborhood sinkhole slam fest.  It’s absolutely killer.  Really the entire album is 12 songs in 34 minutes and yes some of the songs run together a bit in terms of sounding similar.  While some will slag this style of death metal, at the end of the day, there really is no other style of death metal that translates better in a live setting, in my opinion.  You will see vicious pits, stagediving and moshing like crazy to these beats.  That is one of the reasons why I love this style.

Parasitic Ejaculation are not reinventing the wheel, but one of their driving forces has always been their bass guitar sound and it’s so awesome.  The songs are more memorable and this is the band’s heaviest record to date.  I caution those who say they support the scene and then will rip slam death metal an a-hole and making fun of the music.  Whatever the case may be, if you’re one of these knuckleheads, you’re actually quite the opposite of a scene supporter.  You’re tearing it down.  There are many different genres and sub-genres to the extreme metal scene.  Just understand while it may not be your cup of tea, bashing it is only hurting our underground music scene.  Okay, enough of my soap box ranting.  Isolation will bludgeon you and Parasitic Ejaculation have put out a killer record.  Well done, gentlemen.

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Written by Frank Rini
September 20th, 2017


  1. Commented by: Dannielle Eduardo

    Slow Slam, but Parasitic Ejaculation makes good job

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