Slamaholics Vol​. ​2 EP

Oklahoma’s PeelingFlesh are starting to gain some major attention and at the start of this year, I reviewed their PF Radio EP, right here, on Teeth of the Divine.  If you snoozed, then go back and check it out.

PeelingFlesh has yet to actually release a full-length album.  They release EP’s, compilations and splits.  I mean this Slamaholics Vol. 2 is their third ep this year alone.  The other one was a split with a few new songs, called Ghetto As Hell.  If you missed that one, you have to get it for one of their songs, because of the song title – “I Got Fired Today I’m Headed to the Casino”.  That is like the best frickin’ and hysterical song title I’ve heard in like, decades..

When I reviewed the band earlier in the year I described them as ‘Gangsta brutal slam death metal’.  I can’t think of any other description. There are gangsta rap excerpts and urban elements intertwined within the band’s brutal display of slam death metal.  Do you want 808 bass drops? Check.  Do you want disgustingly putrid clogged-sewer pipe guttural vocals? Check.  Do you want pure knuckle-dragging cavemen and heaving slam riffs, like Internal Bleeding, Dehumanized? Check.  The band offers up fresh elements with the urban elements, previously mentioned.  PeelingFlesh understands not to overstay the welcome of a song either.  The songs are short and in any event, due to that, hit wayyyyyyy harder than if it was a collection of 3 minute songs.

The 44-second “Simptro” opens the ep with some news announcing coming in before going right into the slam intro equipped with some vintage 90’’s guitar pinch harmonics…the intro goes right into “Make a Move” and the gutturals spewing forth will make you vomit up your egg sammich all over yerself, or spit it all over your computer screen for that matter.  The spoken word moment over the heaving slam then right into the down-tuned and mid-paced moments will have you swinging all damn day.  The opening intro and this song need to open their live sets, especially on their huge tour with Suicide Silence.

Remember I told you the band is gaining major attention….well when was the last time you heard a band get a spot on a major tour, without ever releasing a full-length album?  I cannot remember for the life of me.  This could be something PeelingFlesh has tapped into.  In order for bands to stay relevant and maybe have their music hit much harder I have been seeing bands release more ep’s and stand-alone singles since the start of COVID…so maybe this trend proved to be successful and that is why we are seeing bands, such as PeelingFlesh just release music in this format.  Nevertheless, the music is all a gut punch and “211/187” enters next with some more spoken word excerpts and then shouting deathcore-like vocals before the deathcore groove hits with the higher screaming vocals—this is going to provide a lot of sing-alongs..and their signature moments are usually when the fast spoken word moments come in, usually maybe from someone not even in the band…excerpts or something and then the gutturals and slams hit..  So …..damn hard.

“F.F.W.A.S.” is the best song on the EP and one of the best the band has ever done.  Starting with stooopid fast blasts, down-tuned gutturals and gangsta excerpts this song will hit you in the face with a 20lb salami over and over again.  The screaming chorus part where the singer barks Face Fucked With A Shovel-is so cheeky, catchy, and rad, that once he says it you know the slam will hit and when it does look out.  The outro of Uncle Joey is also one of the most hysterical excerpts I have ever heard on any release.  Basically, Uncle Joey sounds like my friends and I in NY cursing everyone out and telling everyone to get thicker skin, stand up and stop being a wuss, all in a non-PC delivery format.

PeelingFlesh Slamaholics Vol​. ​2 is brutal hard hitting slam death metal, that is knuckle-dragging and the band knows how to craft simple, catchy, and heavy riffs and make the songs short so they hit you in the gulliver and collapse your throat in 0.0 seconds.  This ep is 11 minutes, 4 songs, an intro, instrumental and outro and I only care about quality and there is a lot of it here.  I also like that PeelingFlesh do not take themselves overly seriously, which adds to the “fun” factor while listening to them.  I have listened to this ep well over 40x, and it only came out a few days ago, by the time I decided to review it.  Awesome heavy AF band!

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
September 29th, 2023


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