When Shadows Fall

This is the third full-length from this Greek epic/heavy metal band. Apparently epic metal is its own sub-genre of heavy or power metal, but if this is any indication, I don’t think I will be researching more of its bands.

It all starts promising enough on the intro. Mediterranean-flavored strumming and a subdued male operatic vocal provide the build-up to what will surely be a furious, powerful onslaught once we transition into the second track, “Mistress of the Sea.” Instead, the song starts slow and stays that way, with an oddly sparse arrangement of simple power chords and overwrought vocals. The singing isn’t terrible, but the choirs during the choruses totally derail the song (and the one after it, “Ghost Ship”). They’re so offkey and portentous that they border on comic.

The vocal stumbles wouldn’t be as noticeable if the music were denser and busier, but the empty space lets every flaw stand out that much more. And it’s not that The Reflection don’t have a good handle on melody or songwriting – it’s serviceable throughout, but consistently suffers from a lack of energy. Every track here is mid-tempo, sluggish and fails to generate any excitement. Songs like “Desert Land” and “Soul Salvation” could’ve both been much more entertaining had they been twice the speed. Only the title track actually manages to muster enough energy to be convincing, with more complex riffing and interplay during the intro, and a marginally rougher vocal delivery throughout. That’s track four, though, and there’s still an album’s worth of plodding songs to endure.

Maybe it’s just the epic metal genre is purposely retro and simplistic, harkening back to a time before double-bass and neoclassical fireworks. Or maybe that’s just making apologies. Maybe The Reflection is just boring.

As you might have guessed, I found it difficult to get through this album. With so many other stellar options to choose from in the pantheon of power metal – regardless of sub-genre – I don’t know why you’d settle for this.

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Written by Jordan Itkowitz
September 17th, 2008


  1. Commented by: James Corbishry

    First of all,I would suggest next time you’re about to write a review you shouldn’t play with your X-Box!
    I’ve been watching this band since 1998 and of course I’ve already bought the album.
    How can a band that is around for 17 years with such a bio can have “offkey vocals”?I’m a music clinician for 15 years now and I’ve been studying music for at least 25.
    Where are the off key vocals??????Leo Stivala is also the singer of Forsaken the Maltese doom metallers.He is off tune of course with them too!!!I get furius when I read reviews like that!!
    I don’t think that the guys from Cruz Del Sur-their label-couldn’t hear the same things as you!The label has bands like Pharaoh,Slough Feg,Icarus Witch.How could they possibly sign a contract to these guys!
    The album is a monumental doom epic metal album.I don’t believe of course that you know bands like Candlemass,Memento Mori,Solitude Aeturnus,Sorcerrer etc etc.Or maybe you do but they seem the same to your
    Go to a doctor and check your hearing…Honestly!
    “offkey vocals”..OH MY GOD!!!

  2. Commented by: Séb.

    I reviewed this ridiculous album for webzine and got almost the same message from “James Corbishry” in response.
    This guy must be a hidden member of the band to say such things to everyone who said something bad about the crappy band…


  3. Commented by: James Corbishry

    Listen you looser!
    I’m a proud Irish!I visited Greece once-several years ago-(but that’s not your concern)
    Thank God that there some people like you out there and we have something to laugh at!Listen to your childish happy metal music and don’t bother with the real music.
    At least this is my REAL name and not a silly nick like yours.SO I prefer to respond to real man-not kids like you-that have something really interesting to say.
    Go and by some CD’s and stop downloading…

  4. Commented by: Séb.

    haha !! I was sure to find you here again… you could have more imagination and write a real message instead of copying/pasting the same shit everywhere. Go and buy some ears and brain to understand that you listen to crap.

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