Global Resistance Rising

Sometimes it takes me a few songs or minutes to hear a band’s primary influence. Sometimes it takes less than 30 seconds. In the case of Switzerland’s veteran death metal act Requiem, precisely 16 seconds elapsed into opener “For the Blind to See”, I thought to myself “Holy shit, God Dethroned!”.

This is the band’s sixth album, and even though we have covered the band here at this very site by way of their last album, 2011s With Darkened Disorder, this is my first time hearing them and I’m impressed. Not blown away mind you, but certainly enjoying the band’s no frills, no nonsense take on slightly melodic but blistering death/black-ish metal. Also- Dan Seagrave artwork always helps.

There are strains of other influences, namely Malevolent Creation, Hypocrisy and Vader, but while certainly ‘old school’ in their approach, it’s not musty throwback old school, as they have a polished modern guitar tone and a pretty snarling, ripping pace and gait as as well as modern real world themes, opposed theĀ  plodding old school sounds and tropes.

The 10 tracks blow by in a little over 32 minutes with no wastes moments. The God Dethroned influence is clear and present in the likes of “Vultures”, “No Quarter Given” and “Downward Spiral” with slicing, blastingĀ  harmoniesĀ  A few slower moments break up the searing riffs, such as first half of “Salvation in Vain” or “Resistance Rising” but for the most part, the album blazes by with scathing tenacity and just a bit of death metal beefiness.

This is the best of FDAs latest slew of releases which is good, as the rest of their spring releases are little outside their usual realms, including a 3 song EP from Goregast, some female fronted traditional doom (Demon Incarnate) and a absolutely terrible hair metal meets death ‘n’ roll band called Dirty Connections, so kudos for Requiem for still bringing it and churning away for over 10 years and 6 albums.

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Written by E. Thomas
May 2nd, 2018


  1. Commented by: Allred

    this is some good shit, right up my alley…though the AK’s behind the logo seem a bit out of place with the Seagrave artwork.

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