Earth Infernal
UK’s NWOBHM band, Satan, have been around since the late 70’s. During their long career they changed their name a few times (Blind Fury, Pariah) which may have hurt their long-term popularity. Under the Satan name they have released, 5 albums and Earth Infernal their 6th. In 1986 I picked up their new ep on vinyl Into the Future, bypassing their debut album Court in the Act. I was looking for heavier and faster bands and back then there was no internet to sample bands. I figured a band named Satan would be ultra-brutal. I was wrong. The band playing music that sounded more like Iron Maiden / Angelwitch and became one of the pioneers of NWOBHM. The band also infused a lot of power metal into their music.The band has released many albums over the decades, which quite honestly, fucking rule, becoming one of my favorite bands. Earth Infernal is an amazing follow up to their 2018 Cruel Magic album, and then some.
“Ascendancy” opens up this 10 song 48 minute album as the opening melodious riff and drums build up and up and the isolated guitar over the faster drum beat and bass guitar erupting makes this higher velocity power metal song incredible. Brian Ross, the bands long time vocalist, sounds incredible. He still has those higher ranges which is impressive. The melodic guitar picking over the fast part transitions into multiple guitar solos as both guitarists jockey for positions. Incredible. The buildup of the drums and then over the slower section with Brian’s “wwwooooaaahhhh” vocal sounds erupting until he pierced our eardrums with those higher registers. Wow- you want to talk about an opening song for 2022 screaming classic power metal and vintage British metal- Christ almighty this opener is magnificent.
“Burning Portrait” is a slower track with Maiden inspired melodies. The song slows down and an excellent vocal moment comes in which is a killer chorus. The song slightly picks up speed with the guitar picking and the mid paced moments are great and the excellent and catchy chorus returns again. The slower moment gets more atmospheric and the riffs take on an eviler tone as the song traverses into some classic King Diamond moments. The thumping bass guitar ,while the solos are going on, is creative, fun and catchy.

“Luciferic” is a great song as the opening rhythm section shines as the song gets more atmospheric at moments but the classic metal is still alive and Satan are definitely leaders in this genre. The vocal patterns in the beginning of the song will have you thinking classic and obscure band Hammers of Misfortune. Therefore; a little Manilla Road may creep in and out of your eardrums. Regardless; Satan are original and more classic metal guitar soloing comes in as this song progresses. The vocal melodies have a slight layering effect towards the end, and work quite well.
“From Second Sight” picks up the pace and the guitar riffing is impressive as the organic drums hit like real drums should. Excellent chorus and this song is so catchy. Just shy of four minutes this is one of the best songs on the album. Guitar solos erupt towards the end, the speed continuing and this needs to be in their live set. The song briefly speeds up further to a fast speed and live I would imagine fans singing along to this song.
“Earth We Bequeath” is close to six minutes, is the longest song and closes out the album. It’s an epic and anthemic ending to one of the highlights for 2022. That jumpy main guitar riff screams “show me those metal horns you mofos”. The dueling guitars as the melody is over the main guitar riff track is exceptional. The chorus is catchy as Brian sings the song title a few times. The song gets into a faster paced moment that will have you screaming it’s 1987 again muthafuckas!
Earth Infernal has a great organic production. Drummers will delight in the natural metal sound and all instruments and vocals are mixed perfectly. The album is yet another incredible release by Satan who are still under appreciated in the scene. It’s a shame because their discography, is quite honestly, perfect. Their debut Court in the Act and Suspended Sentence follow up in the 80’s are some of the best 80’s metal still to this day.
Their newer releases and this one capture all the essence of what originally made Satan great. The new songs still sound great and 80’s influenced all the while creating new and original metal. Satan rules this earth and have released yet another trend setting NWOBHM album. Get this Now!
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Written by Frank Rini
June 9th, 2022


  1. Commented by: J. Mays

    This is a year end list contender, for sure. Such a killer album.

  2. Commented by: LongDeadGod

    I didn’t get into these guys until Life Sentence which appears to have been a mistake. I was a long time Skyclad fan but just never took a listen for whatever reason. Life Sentence, Atom by Atom, Cruel Magic, and now Earth Infernal have set the bar super high for old dudes thinking they’re still metal, and young dudes thinking they know better than the elders. This shit rips.

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