The Everlorn

Last year Sinira, a 1 man black metal band, self-released this debut album The Everlorn.  The album went unnoticed and he eventually inked a deal with Northern Silence Productions to put out the album physically and with an alternate album cover for 2021.

.  So this year when I first heard this album I really thought I was listening to some Gothenburg type of black metal band from the mid 90’s.  Holy crap I was surprised when I discovered it’s one dude, living in Texas, who released this album, with a previous ep a few years prior.  If you’re a fan of Dissection, up to and including the Where Dead Angels Lie ep, then this album needs to be in your collection.  I am not a fan of the third Dissection album –  Reinkaos and that album, to me, sounds nothing like the previous Dissection.  The band opting to go for a more blackened death n roll sound, which sounded like Goatwhore and nothing like Dissection.  Close your eyes and listen to Sinira’s The Everlorn and tell me if this does not sound like the true third Dissection album.  Take the ep, The Somberlain and  Storm of the Light’s Bane, mash that crap into a blender and add some more atmosphere and out plops Sinira.  The band has also covered some classic Dissection songs in the past as well, so hey, the connection is real.

The Everlorn is 8 songs in 56 minutes and 2 of them are instrumentals.  Just like the classic black metal bands from a few decades ago and Dissection, these songs are long.  Opening with the 7+ minute “Where Starlight Does Not Shine” that opening riff is classic Dissection, equipped with melodic passages and the main riff is emotive, fast and super duper catchy.  The song settles into a classic galloping speed and I do believe, I apologize if I am incorrect-but this is a drum machine.  It’s programmed very well and at times I think it’s a real drummer.  Knell is listed as the person doing all the instruments and vocals.  There is a guest pianist who provides those sounds.  There’s some monster blasting going on and then the song slows down a bit.  The middle of this song has a great atmospheric arrangement which goes into a mid-paced part, then slower and the guitar tone is, well it’s one of the best black metal tones for all of this year.  Vocals are more on the raspy, cavernous tone, rather than higher pitched squawking.  This opening song is terrific.

The title track is over 9 minutes and the isolated opening guitar riff is moody, fast and also melodic, then the song picks up a nice galloping speed, and again, I cannot further emphasize the guitar tone and riffing is some of the best you will hear, of any genre, for 2021.  The vocals come on in and I swear Knell has conjured up Jon Nödtveidt, because his spirit lives in these vocals and musical arrangements.  The song slows down and then the fast blasting comes in, then goes back to the galloping speed.  Some excellent atmospheric moments, brings in more of the melody as the guitar riffing turns the corner and settles into a very melodic passage, bringing forth an excellent headbanging moment with a classic heavy metal guitar solo, which begs the listener to throw up their horns in unison.

“Dawnless Twilight”, is the longest song at over 11 minutes and the song has an abundance of tempo shifts, just like all the other songs.  The song gets into a double pounding, not quite blast beat speed, then shifts to a more pummeling mid-paced moment. This song will take you for the loopty loops all around the amusement park and there are some excellent vocals on this track.  The song gets slower and more melodic as it shifts towards the end of the song.

Sinira’s The Everlorn is a monstrous debut, drenched in the classic Dissection sound.  The album has tempo shifts galore, atmosphere, and very catchy song structures, which are the result of terrific guitar playing.  The production is crisp, clean and precise.  There is bass guitar on the album and as I previously mentioned, the drum sound seems to be that of a drum machine, but nevertheless, is programmed well enough for you to forget that it is.  The album cover is striking with the purple logo, waves and land ahead.

This year has been amazing for black metal, between post-black metal bands and more traditional sounding black metal.  Sinira’s The Everlorn may very well be my favorite, but that damn Harakiri for the Sky, may slightly be in the lead.  Crap I don’t know.  Who the F cares, right???? Sinira’s The Everlorn is amazing – go and get it now.  Buy or Die!!!

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
July 27th, 2021


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