The Irish Front

Here’s the kind of album that drives old metal heads nuts, but the kids seem to like; squawking, growling, breakdown filled chaotic deathcore, given the ‘grindcore ‘tag’ by the Hot Topic crowd.


It’s all here for the kids to enjoy; 14 short bursts with Oh so quirky song titles (“Urethra Franklin VS. Queef Latifah”, “Because Bomb Sniffing Dogs Don’t Work Underwater!”) breakdowns, dual vocals (high pitched screams, everso deep bellows), jazzy injections, breakdowns, off the wall synths and samples, breakdowns, a rap, emo and female vocals, comedic interludes, oh and breakdowns. It all comes across like early The Number Twelve Looks Like You mixed with the ADD infused chaos of Saturday morning cartoons.

The thing is I’m not sure if The Irish Front are seriously mixing all their favorite styles of music and mashing them together or taking the piss out if ‘the scene’. The female vocals that arise on “Monsterbation” and “Fog Mouth” seem more tongue in cheek considering the lyrics, rather than real artistic merit and the skits (“Suck Fart Tooturial”, “Teenage Whore Moans”) bring nothing to the album whatsoever other than make 15 years olds giggle.

You can either view The Irish Front’s debut as creative and unbound by genres, or as forced tripe, trying too hard to be quirky, but when the best song on your album is a rap metal/breakdown mix (“Boom Snap Clap”), or possibly poking fun at the likes of Between the Buried and Me (horribly out of place but well done arpeggio and ambient endings of “Because Bomb Sniffing Dogs Don’t Work Underwater!” and “Porque Mi Barco Exploto?”)I’m going with the latter.

Give me a simple straight up bludgeoning like Rose Funeral’s The Resting Sonata over this Ritalin deprived excuse for metal any day. However, if you enjoyed the likes of Dr. Acula’s Below Me, go ahead and knock your self out. Seriously-actually knock your self out…please.

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Written by Erik T
January 27th, 2009


  1. Commented by: Redstar

    How bands like this even get signed to labels is beyond me. I would rather staple my balls to a burning building than have to sit through this.

  2. Commented by: gabaghoul

    “breakdowns, dual vocals (high pitched screams, everso deep bellows), jazzy injections, breakdowns, off the wall synths and samples, breakdowns, a rap, emo and female vocals, comedic interludes, oh and breakdowns.”

    minus the rap and comedic interludes, that sounds a lot like Protest the Hero – a band that I think has great moments, but awful songs. what’s the difference?

  3. Commented by: Erik Thomas

    Just my opinion, but not even close. PTH are serious, talanted, more progessive and dont have no deathcore spasms and breakdowns

  4. Commented by: PizzaClaus

    This band is shit. This is the sound of people who listen to Lil’ Wayne going “hey we could make a grind album”, only they’ve never heard Napalm Death. But they really really like Heavy Heavy Low Low.

  5. Commented by: Deke'

    I’ve seen people give this nothing but shit in reviews for a few weeks now.

    Then I listened.

    Now I understand.

  6. Commented by: Dan

    the thing is though, this is album is actually dead good. it just depends on whether you look at it as something made to take the piss out of the scene, or just made to be fresh. i think it does both. it’s alot more interesting that typical monotonous deathcore/metalcore, whatevercore genres. maybe suck fart and teenage whore moans were put on the album to only make kids laugh, but don’t forget these guys are 16/17, so they’re going to be having fun making an album, why would they take everything seriously? and they play their instruments insanely well for their ages.
    comparing this to rose funeral, this wins outright. rose funerals just a load of ‘i’ll kill this girl because she’s a whore. bury her 6 feet under’ typical shite. these guys display the ability to write various styles of music, not just your average chug chug breakdown blast like RF. saying boom snap clap is the best song on the track is also stupid and shows you’ve given it a listen through once, but thats the only song you really know because it was out as a demo before the album.

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