Extirpation Paradigms

I have already reviewed 2 high-profile brutal slam death metal releases for 2021 – the new Korpse and Abominable Putridity albums.  When our site owner, Erik “My Beard is Fuller than Yours” Thomas, recommended the new Traumatomy for me to review I was like…oh boy here’s another Russian slam band that sounds like my alma mata Internal Bleeding…geez…… While there are some influences, for sure, Traumatomy have never been on my radar…that has now changed.  While the band is based in Russia, there singer is actually from Japan.  So when the band plays live they enlist a singer from Russia-obviously to help with live performances.

Extirpation Paradigms is the band’s third album and have released several ep’s as well, which has amounted to the band actually having a pretty decent following in the brutal death metal scene.  The band has operated with using a drum machine for years until Alexey Belov came along in 2017 and this is Traumatomy’s first album utilizing a live drummer.  All their prior releases are great, yes I have since gone back and obtained their back catalog and I enjoy them a lot, but Extirpation Paradigms is their best release.  Is this the best brutal slam death metal album for 2021???  I’m still unsure, because I love the Korpse so much, as well as the new AP, but I can attest to the fact Traumatomy’s Extirpation Paradigms, believe it or not, is the heaviest.  I did not think it was possible.

Hey you know when you’re driving your car, maybe you have your family with you and someone pulls up and their sound system is so obnoxiously loud with the 808 bass bomb drops – how often is it death metal??  NEVER!!!  It’s always some either rap, hip-hop or electronica.  Well the next time you’re driving the fam around and you hear Godzilla sized 808 bass bomb drops coming from a vehicle it may be me, creeping by, slowly, so as to allow Traumatomy’s Extirpation Paradigms to blast out your goddamned windows.  Have I already done this to people in their cars – hell yeah.  I have never heard bass drops as loud, as heavy and as resonating as on this album.  They’re so ridiculous, that yes, my vehicle’s sound system is quite stellar and I have obnoxiously driven by people, screaming “Fuck yeah, death metal” and the bass just made people look around like JFC, that just flipped my car over.

Opening with the obligatory slam death instrumental, simply titled intro, the first drop is at the 28 second part and once it hits, it lasts literally 3 second – that is super long.  It’s so loud and long it overtakes everything, but for some reason I love it.  “Feeding Organism” is the first proper song and the song begins with slamming heaviness, pinch harmonics to murder your soul, clogged-sewer pipe vocals and the regular bass guitar is really heavy-adding extra heaviness, which for crissakes is not even needed, with how heavy the guitars are as well as the Teutonic 808’s.  The isolated guitar part at the 1.30 part is the Holy Shit moment because you’re prepared for the slam and it does not disappoint.  The 808 hits at the 1.54 section, demolishes neighborhoods, as it lasts 3 seconds.  It resonates for such a long time- it’s pure insanity.

“Inducing Intragenic Deformity” starts with a nice monster blast section, that abruptly shifts to a monster slam with the isolated guitar, cymbal hits then right into the slam.  It’s crushingly heavy.  The double-bass is killer and the drums are TAF (triggered as fuck), but for this album – I give a pass.  Some nice atmospheric elements.  Another slam at the 2.12 and it destroys.  An 808 hits at the 3.06 slam part perfectly and is so heavy you’re like – nothing can top that…but WAIT…don’t relax….another 808 bass drop hits at the 3.22 parts, lasts for several seconds and I had to change my shorts after that brown-note inducing drop..

You know the rest of the album has a similar formula.  The songs are heavier than you after a holiday meal… Monster 808 bass bombs, super crisp, yet heavy guitars with squealing pinch harmonics, over the top drums, gurgling vocals and an undercarriage of heaviness created by the bass guitar.  The production is excellent and the album cover with the horror/science-fiction invasion of the body snatchers apocalyptic back drop is perfect for Traumatomy’s sound.  I love Extirpation Paradigms!!  It’s face-ripping brutality and is a Buy or Die!!

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
June 4th, 2021


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