Kill. Bury. Repeat.

Hey what does TTFA stand for, you might ask?  Well it stands for Torn The Fuck Apart – a brutal American death metal band hailing from Kansas.  The band used to go by their full name years ago but now use the TTFA acronym…because maybe it’s less offensive to some people.

This is the first album where TTFA is the logo and the full band name is not spelled out.  The band has been around since the early 00’s and I had many of their past albums, their 2014 Sexually Transmitted Torture, was one of my favorite albums from that year.  Unfortunately due to a move, close to two years ago, a number of my cds were lost, so not having that album I mentioned and some of their other ones irks the shit outta me still.

Kill. Bury. Repeat. is their 5th proper studio album with 9 original songs as well as a bonus song of “Unleashing the Bloodthirsty” (Cannibal Corpse cover).  We have Michael Langner – Guitars/Vocals, Dylan Watt on drums and Brandon Mitchell on    Bass.  Any fan of older Suffocation, Gorgasm, Lividity, or Dismembered Fetus, will lap TTFA up like I eat pizza.

“Corrosive Form” begins with a nice drum roll and then right into the scorching blast beat, then the song slows and gets faster and Michael Langner, longtime band member, lets loose with his powerful grunting.  There are some samples thrown in, which go along with the song title. The 2.10 slowdown is excellent and some killer use of the double bass drums.  I really enjoy this guitar tone too.  It’s dirty and filthy sounding, but not muddy, therefore it’s discernible.

“Something Went Wrong” starts with some interesting vocal patterns and then right into the mid-rumbling groovy heaviness.  The part at the 54 second part is pretty lethal and then the super-fast double bass that erupts will rip your head off, almost getting into that Origin typewriter-style bass drum sound, which I am not the biggest fan of that double bass production; however, it’s much less processed on this and sounds more natural.  This is an excellent song to slam the live crowd with in the middle of their set.  Lots of tempo shifts, but those heavy mid-paced grooves will surely start up some great pits.  I love the bass guitar sound at the 3 minute section and then right into another slamming groove.  Excellent song, and I caught a little pinch harmonic action in there, so I was happy.

The title track starts immediately with a vicious and pummeling blast beat, then right into the groove and some melodic moments at the 1.45 section, which definitely adds some brevity to all the brutality.

“Scratch the Bone” at close to 6 minutes is the longest song.  It has more of those squealing pinch harmonics which brings us back to 90’s American death metal, which I love, and then the song brings forth a guitar solo and more of that filthy guitar tone.  The 3.30 part with the shouted vocals and then right into the pit inducing groove also needs to be in their live set.  This moment is a great highpoint on the album.  It is destructive and well crafted.  The Cannibal Corpse song is excellent and the emulating of Corpsegrinder on vocals works really well.

Kill. Bury. Repeat. is another damn fine installment of brutal American death metal act Torn The Fuck Apart (TTFA).  This is no frills dunk your head in the apple bobber game, death metal.  The songs are longer than I expected.  Sometimes these types of albums the songs are usually 3 minutes long, however, the band pushes that to 4 minutes and beyond.  As previously mentioned the dirty filthy guitar tone is something I truly enjoy on this album.  Well-crafted brutality!

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Written by Frank Rini
December 20th, 2023


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