The End of Life

Maurycy “Mauser” Stefanowicz of Vader fame, announced some time ago that he would be leaving his long running extreme outfit to focus on his new project, Unsun. For straight up, death metal, Vader fans, the only enjoyment you’ll get out of this proposal is looking at the rack on lead lady Aya. However, followers of today’s female fronted Goth/Pop/Metal ala Lacuna Coil, Evanescence and Within Temptation will relish in this very accessible sound.

I would suspect that most people to discover this band have no idea of Mr. Mauser and Vader, which is probably the way things should stay, as Vader would more than likely, and excuse my language, beat the pussy right out of you. Unsun is a completely different avenue. As much as extreme metal fans will cringe at the sounds here, The End of Life is, by Industry standards, a decent debut record. Chord driven with hook after hook, Unsun have no problem creating catchy melodies and soaring choruses. Obviously, Aya is the center of attention with this unit and though her voice isn’t surpassing any of today’s top ladies, she does have a very pleasant delivery.

Taking the record for what it is, there are some excellent choruses. Songs like “Whispers” and “Lost Innocence” have such catchy choruses that they almost sound like something I have heard before on the radio. Century Media is probably creaming their pants at this cash in. It so unoriginal it’s kind of pathetic, but as we have seen before in the world of radio and trendy music, that means nothing. This will be very popular and will more than likely be many young teenage girls favorite new band. This has MTV/Fuse written all over it. As a matter of fact, Unsun stack up very nicely against Everessence, especially with songs like “Face The Truth.”

The one thing I’ll give Mr. Mauser is props for his guitar skills. There are some serious leads on this record and that alone is the only thing that will really set this band apart from the pack. Guitar enthusiasts, the man does not slack when it comes to shredding. Though he does keep the heavy end, there are way too many electronic elements for my taste and some moments verge on dance beats.

Unsun is not my cup of tea, and I will gladly pass this down to my mainstream loving sister, but the plain truth is The End of Life is going to set very well with pop metal fans. Century Media is definitely looking for the sophomore release soon. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to cleanse myself with some Vader.

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Written by Shane Wolfensberger
November 29th, 2008


  1. Commented by: brandon

    I think it’s a fine album.

  2. Commented by: Facial La Fleur

    This sounds pretty interesting and the chick IS really hot. I can’t imagine someone from VADAR doing some Goth stuff but I’ll check this out.

  3. Commented by: Dan

    Bad time to jump ship from Vader. Seems like they’ve only become an even more high profile act over the past few years. An even worse decision when you jump ship to form a blatantly derivative pop metal act that doesn’t even stack up against the second tier bands in the genre. Aya’s voice is pretty weak and heavily processed. If Unsun really wanted to make waves in the female-fronted pop metal pool, they should have found someone with a truly unique and powerful voice instead of opting for a lowest-common-denominator busty blond. Then the reaction would have been more like, “Damn, that bitch is ugly, but kudos for taking the genre in an interesting direction!” instead of “Wow. This blows. Damn, she’s got big titties.”

  4. Commented by: Chris

    Credit where credit is due: She sure does have a nice rack

  5. Commented by: stiffy

    I agree 100% Dan. Fucking Vader has grown so much and gained so much respect over the years. I can only think this is a cash in. It’s so damn commercial it makes me vomit.

  6. Commented by: Tim

    Yes, she’s got really big boots.

  7. Commented by: Cynicgods

    Dan summed it up nicely. Consolation? At least Peter will always steer the good ship Vader in the right direction and Vogg is a more than apt replacement for Mauser. No big deal. Go and have fun with your tatas, Mr. Stefanowicz.

  8. Commented by: Dan

    Vogg+Peter= FUCK YEAH!!!!! The hopes are high for that combo.

  9. Commented by: LoftComplication
  10. Commented by: Stiffy

    Damn Loft! Look at those nipples. See, now that my friends is known as the “cow titty.”

  11. Commented by: axiom

    Goddamn if she doesn’t look like Nergal with tits! Anyhow, you’re better off listening to Ava Inferi, and that’s got Blasphemer on guitar. Talk about a jump.

  12. Commented by: Stiffy

    Negral with tits!? HA HA!!! Thats an image sure to make someone horny. God.

  13. Commented by: Joe

    I know, what’s the deal? First Medeia then In this Moment and now this! Hmm maybe finding some token cute chick for my band might be a good idea.

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