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Ion Dissonance – Minus the Herd

This is going to be interesting…. After two lauded releases of visceral, chaotic and brilliant tech-metal, Canada’s Ion Dissonance, with new, more hardcore sounding singer Kevin McCaughey at the helm, appear to have made a slight tweak to their sound, and one I actually prefer, though most may be a bit on the fence. With […]

Turmoil – Staring Back

There’s an awful lot of quality hardcore to be had on this 2 disc retrospective from one of metallic hardcore’s recently reformed underappreciated pioneers. Before the current popular metal meets hardcore trend spearheaded by bands like Hatebreed et al there was Strife, Earth Crisis, Merauder and Turmoil, who toiled without the benefit of MTV or […]

All Else Failed – This Never Happened

After a four year hiatus, Philly’s All Else Failed return with a revamped line-up and a renewed energy to follow up their Archetype album.  And while certainly a solid album of metallic discordant, chaos core and hints of other more commercial ingredients, I’m not quite sure there’s room for All Else Failed at the top. […]