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Alghazanth – Wrealth of Thevetat

Replacing all but the rhythm section might spell disaster for any band, especially a symphonic one. Finland’s Alghazanth has weathered more than its share of lineup changes and they take this one in stride as well. When a new Alghazanth disc comes out it is a safe bet as to the style and tone. Slow […]

Alghazanth – Osiris – Typhon Unmasked

Many will find Finland’s Alghazanth hard not to compare to Dimmu Borgir. Alghazanth formed late in 1995 and, after more than their share of line-up changes, finally released their debut in late 1999. This is their third full-length in little more than two years, – quite prolific for a band plagued by line-up changes, which […]