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Traindodge – Wolves

Returning to the forefront of edgy post-hardcore, Oklahoma’s Traindodge expand their sound further on Wolves. Casual fans might think that the ’Dodge reached a career apex with the double-disc The Truth back in 2004, but this new album builds upon those formulas/templates, developing them to a wonderfully mature culmination. Opener “Maze” immediately displays their evolution: […]

Traindodge – On a Lake of Dead Trees

America’s heartland is a good place to find quality progressive chunk-rock, and Norman, Oklahoma’s Traindodge have been aiming to please since 1999. Their third full-length, On A Lake Of Dead Trees is raw talent: no Pro-Tools, over-production scams, or other chicanery here. Opener “Beckon The Inferno” brandishes the typical Traindodge sound of cranked-up, Season To […]