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Exalted – We Are the Grim Throng

For a moment I thought this was called We Are the Grim ‘Thong’, and I had some really odd visualizations going through my head, but I digress… Exalted are a USBM act hailing from Chicago and they are eschewing the popular US obsessed, one man mope-fest style of black metal, and instead going for a […]

Spun In Darkness – Birthright

Listen, I’m all for retro death metal, especially if it features Jeff Nardone of Goatlord. I’m all for reliving the past glories and throwback grit of early 90’s death metal. What I’m not for is if that throw back is a throwback to JL America death metal. Boring, lifeless, forgetful and dreary, lo-fi, mid paced […]

Leviathan / Sapthuran – split

Leviathan is back with another split release. This time the glutton for punishment is Sapthuran. Bands know how tough the situation is, to be the flip side of a Leviathan release has got to be a lot of pressure. Even if you release something utterly fantastic it is still likely to get overpowered by Wrest. […]

Leviathan/Xasthur – split

This is not a new recording, but a pressing onto cd of the split vinyl release of 2004 by Profound Lore Records. Battle Kommand is offering the material to a wider audience but also to the select few that own the vinyl because of the addition of three bonus tracks by Xasthur and one by […]