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Battlelore – Evernight

The good thing about Battlelore is that I know exactly what I am getting. With album number four, their second with their revamped line-up, (notably vocalist Tomi Mykkänen), who brings a more aggressive style to the table, the band continue their predictably enjoyable mix of bombastic Tolkien inspired Goth/death metal. Still though, the band is […]

Battlelore – Third Age of the Sun

When I read that Moredhel, long time Horna guitarist, with the help of Horna drummer Gorthaur, was forming a Tolkien inspired band there was no way I wasn’t going to check it out so I bought the debut album expecting possibly early Summoning, and it was immediately obvious this was not going to be a […]

Battlelore – Where the Shadows Lie

By all accounts, this should have been an album I truly loved. Fantasy-based epic metal is my vice, and when confronted with a moniker like Battlelore, and song titles like “Swordmaster,” “Raging Goblin” and “Ride with the Dragons,” I’m pretty much a child in a candy store. That is providing the music fits in with […]