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Beaten Back to Pure – The Burning South

‘Trailer-core’ was only term I could come up for this hazy Southern slab of fuzzed out, earthy metal. Equal parts sludgy, hazy doom-rock and groovy southern hardcore, BBTP have released an album that comes across as Crowbar and Floodgate meets Eyehategod and Down while in a Jack Daniels and Darvocet induced stupor and simply oozes […]

Beaten Back To Pure – Southern Apocalypse EP

One look at the cover of Southern Apocalypse – a grainy shot of a bathroom, a suicide victim with a gun, a confederate flag – and you know just what you’re in for: brutal, tortured southern sludge. Comparisons to Eyehategod are inevitable, but I’d go so far as to say that Beaten Back to Pure […]