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Benighted – Necrobreed

I’ve been listening to France’s Benighted ever since I reviewed 2004s Insane Cephalic Production for and it blew me away. And it struck me as I prepared for this review that the band is 8 albums and 17 years into their career and all the albums are simply killer (how many current, active death […]

Benighted – Carnivore Sublime

Although they started back in 2000 as a black/death act with nods to early Opeth (hence the band name), now France’s Benighted is a filthy, ultra-groovy and much different beast altogether. Most of their albums, including 2011’s excellent (and, for me, list-topping) Asylum Cave, are like being flung around inside a brutal death/grind bounce house packed with […]

Benighted – Icon

Death metal boomed last year, big time. Seriously, the amount of great death metal albums I came across in 2007 was astounding and what’s more so is the variation that has been provided. Virtually every sub-sub-SUB genre of death metal has been favourably represented whether it be straight up blasting death metal, total guttural slamming […]