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Bestial Mockery – Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw

If that title does not aptly sum up the career and music of Sweden’s Bestial Mockery (R.I.P.), then I’m at a complete loss as to what would. 2007’s swansong full-length, Slaying the Life, might have been the final fuck-you nail in the coffin, a demonstration of the group at its black thrashing war metal best, […]

Bestial Mockery – Evoke The Desecrator

Bestial Mockery is, of course, obsessed with chainsaws, and aside from that gimmick offer little to distinguish themselves. That being said, this album is surprisingly good. The nostalgia factor is high, bringing the listener back to the mid 80’s heyday of thrash when Slayer ruled. Slayer is a very obvious influence and the guitar work, […]