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Luna Field – Diva

On their debut album, Close to Prime, German outfit Luna Field had an interesting take on how to merge (in their words) “atmospheric black metal” with “militant death metal.” They simply split the album into two halves – the Dead Side and the Black Side. This was not a strict dichotomy, as the Black Side […]

Airged L’amh – The Silver Arm

On paper this thing sounds promising; a cool monikered folk metal album (albeit from Greece) with a cool cover, based on the Celtic legend of the Tuanna De Dannan tribe and the silver arm of their king, Nuada. Heck, it even starts promisingly with the epic intro to ‘Guardian of the Ancient Deeds’, but all […]

Bullethole – Incarceration

The Greek trio Bullethole, formerly known as Human Decay, has brought their debut CD Incarceration to the mortal kind, also known as human beings (that is us). According to the band themselves, what we’re given is a mix between The Haunted and Hatebreed. And to my surprise, they’re not that far off with their ‘thrash […]

Acheron – Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood

Is this band really even relevant anymore? Somehow a band of cult status since 1988 despite a less than prolific album output (considering the length of time they’ve been around), not including hosts of compilations and underground rare recordings. Acheron is the very definition of a cult underground band. That being said , this is […]