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Interview with Cerebral Bore

This one took a little while to complete, but it’s finally done. I found myself rather smitten with Cerebral Bore’s 2011 Earache debut Maniacal Miscreation, an album self-released by the Glasgow unit a year earlier. It punched and kicked in all the right brutal death metal places, offered just the right amount of groove and technicality, and left a memorable impression owing to some pretty darn effective arranging. Hard workers these Scots and it seems to finally be paying dividends, a case in point the band’s North American tour later this month with Goatwhore and Hate Eternal. Now all that’s left for you to do is read this Q&A session with founder/guitarist Paul McGuire, which will in all likelihood send you scrambling to find the link for Earache’s on-line store so that you may purchase Maniacal Miscreation with the money you’d set aside for self-help books and green tea.