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Dead Register – Captive EP

I love Atlanta, Georgia’s doom n’ gloom masters Dead Register quite a metric ton.  Not only is the music powerful but if you just read the trio’s bandcamp bio you know that they’ve got a wicked, snarly smile going on behind all of their malice in the chalice bass riffs, heart-reaping vocals and molten percussive […]

Dead Register – Fiber

Crack open a bottle of Mead, wash it down with a few shots of Absinthe (the kind with wormwood, not that wimpy shit), slash both of your wrists and slowly bleed out while the debut full-length Fiber from dreary Georgian dirge merchants Dead Register takes you off to the land of no light.  The band’s […]

Dead Register – TRNS BLVK

Perhaps it was the gloomy, autumnal cover art of this demo EP that had me thinking, “Ah, just what I don’t want to hear this season, another band doing a poor Katatonia rip-off.”  Don’t peel the bark off my tree please, I’ve been a longtime fan of the Swedish downer rockers, but I usually don’t […]