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Nazareth – The Newz

Scotland’s Nazareth is certainly entrenched deeply into the Classic Rock fans’ collective psyche with their hits “Hair Of The Dog” and “Love Hurts”. Simply say the name and scores of grizzled, bearded, half-drunk minions will raise their glasses and scream “Now you’re messin’ with a…a son-of-a-bitch!!!” in less than a nanosecond. The album those songs […]

Temple of Brutality – Lethal Agenda

Lethal Agenda first caught my attention when I saw the name Dave Ellefson, as I enjoyed his work with Megadeth. So first things first, I checked out their Myspace page and website, to basically find out nothing more about them except that they call themselves metal/hardcore/thrash (thanks Myspace), and after popping in the CD, I […]