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Dimentianon – Collapse the Void

Saw this New York-based black/death band in the writers’ backlog here at TOTD, so I decided to check out their Myspace. Liked what I heard (from their ‘05 split with funeral doom act Rigor Sardonicus, and also from their full ‘07 release): raw and clattery, with the occasional melodic strain, and huge, gargled demonic vocals […]

Dimentianon – Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum

While I’m not totally loving Dimentianon’s (formerly known as The Forgotten) form of chaotic, garage blackened death metal, I can appreciate its DIY delivery and primal intensity for what it is. This should appeal to fans of Goatwhore and Hellhammer mixed with Mayhem/Darkthrone or demo era Anaal Nathrakh, with maybe a splattering of retro underground […]