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JT Ripper – Gathering of the Insane

Generally speaking, average and/or mediocre albums can be quite the proverbial bitch when it comes to reviewing. Much like a dining experience that is merely decent and all around adequate, how does one go about recommending something that is just basically sufficient? Seriously, how many times have we either told someone not to go to […]

Zaum – Eidolon

Eidolon is the third overall release from New Brunswick doom bruisers Zaum and it’s certainly something different.  I must sadly declare ignorance of the debut full-length Oracles and the split with Shooting Guns, so I come into this review with negative brain cells in terms of their past work.  Opting for the increasingly popular duo […]

Drakar – Let Draka/The Flight of the Dragon

Please pardon the pedestrian nomenclature, but this is one of the coolest albums I’ve heard in some time. Honestly, every time I spin this sucker it never fails that at some point along the way the words “this is such a cool album” enter my mind. Is that so wrong or should I be showering […]

The Wounded Kings – The Shadow Over Atlantis

As the savvy consumer of modern doom will expect, The Wounded Kings‘ The Shadow Over Atlantis offers a miserablist stew of downtempo post-Sabbath and Electric Wizardisms, here with a dash of the vast ‘n gloomy Cinemascope soundscapes of Year of No Light. But repeat listens reveal a relentless darkness and design here courtesy huge-ass masses […]