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Aeba – Rebellion – Edens Asche

Aeba, a German outfit, describe their style as “apokalyptic black metal.” They do have a female keyboardist, but she doesn’t sing. This is atmospheric black, not gothic black – and they are fully corpsepainted, with studs and leather. Rebellion – Edens Asche is a lengthy album and features eight songs and runs 66 minutes. The […]

Belphegor – Necrodaemon Terrorsathan

Austrian death/black metal band Belphegor is back with their third release, titled Necrodaemon Terrorsathan. This band has been around for nearly ten years and shows no signs of softening their approach. It is still fast brutal technical satanic death at it’s finest. With messages like “keep your country clean, burn your local church,” prominently featured […]

Zorn – Schwarz Metall

Zorn, a German band, is new to me. I know nothing about them except what I hear on Schwarz Metall. Schwarz Metall is simple, straight-forward brutal black metal. No melody, no keyboards – just extreme, primitive blackness. The guitars really dominate in the mix and the bass guitar is quite prominent compared to most black […]