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No Heaven Awaits Us – The Irony of Pure Hatred EP

There’s hardcore then there’s HARD-FUCKIN-CORE. Bands like Built Upon Frustration, Sleeping Giant, Black My Heart, Redline and such make the Hot Topic core likes of Hatebreed, Terror, First Blood and their ilk look like choir boys, and Poland’s No Heaven Awaits Us is a nice addition to that group. As expected from Lifeline Records, this […]

Sunrise – Cursed Not Alone

So as I get further down into my packages of CD’s from Poland’s Lifeline Records, I get to this anthology from the now disbanded Polish Vegan Melodeath/metalcore act Sunrise. Cursed Not Alone consists of the band’s two releases, Generation of Sleepwalkers (Sanctuary Records 1998) and Child of Eternity (Sobermind Records 2000), and is are repackaged […]

In Twilight’s Embrace – Buried In Between

Here’s the second best record I got from Poland’s Lifeline records, and like the excellent Alienacja record Blades Shall Speak; an awesome digipack holding some solid melodic death metal meets deathcore. Where as Alienacja are (were) a pummeling merciless more death metal beast, fellow Poles ITE, are a more refined melodic, slicing creature with a […]