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Embryo – Embryo

So 2015 looks like the year that symphonics/keyboards become the new black and come crashing to the forefront of death metal. They’ve long been around (Agiel, Fleshgod Apocalpyse, etc.), but already this year in 2015 I’ve heard new releases from Sarpanitum, The Project Hate, Arbitrator, Ovid’s Withering, The Monolith Deathcult, Irreversible Mechanism, Scarab, Sonus Mortis and this, the third album […]

In Sight – From the Depths

Though many have thought melodic death metal dead for a few years now (thanks, In Flames), a few releases here in late 2011/2012 by the likes of Vale of Pnath, Pictured, December Flower, Darkness By Oath, Allegaeon and Karnak Seti have shown there’s a bit of life in the genre yet. And here is Italy’s […]