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Keep Of Kalessin – Through Times Of War

Keep Of Kalessin is either an under appreciated cult band or an over hyped clone band, depending on who one speaks with. Mercenary Musik has brought Through Times of War to American audiences for the first time as an official North American release. Originally released on Avantgarde in 1998, it has aged well and is […]

Keep Of Kalessin – Agnen: A Journey Through The Dark

Keep Of Kalessin has been around sine 1997, since 1993 if you include their time as Ildskjaer. In nearly a decade they have released only two full lengths, 1998’s debut and 1999’s Agnen, both on Italy’s Advantgarde. Not very prolific, and so I was surprised when WWIII/ Mercenary Musik re-released both albums in North America. […]