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Mokoma – Luihin Ja Ytimiin

One of Finland’s best kept secrets, Mokoma, are back sooner than expected with their sixth full-length album Luihin ja Ytimiin and the band seem’s to be on a roll. After two long plays their relationship with a major label went sour, they did a bit of a soul searching; currently selling more albums and making […]

Mokoma – Tämän Maailman Ruhtinaan Hovi

Without a doubt, Mokoma became Finland’s best kept secret with last year’s thrash assault album, Kurimus. The album made sure that the band would be remembered as one of Finland’s most original and inspirational groups ever. The quality of the song writing, the excellence in the lyrical field and the pure professionalism and excitement that […]

Mokoma – Kurimus

Finnish sung metal has become more and popular in Finland (what a surprise!) and one can only hope that the basic trend has reached its highest peak. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it, but most of the bands of the genre, are boring beyond belief. It all basically started with Timo Rautiainen & […]