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White Widows Pact – True Will

New Yorkers White Widows Pact show a complete lack of concern for the listener throughout the 10 burly, bull-balled face slams and turnpike jams of their destructive debut True Will.  Screaming strep-throat vocals, continent devouring rhythmic grinds, sludgy grooves, hardcore beatdowns, thrash-y malevolence and death metal technicalities collide in a violent mosh pit frenzy that […]

Exalt – Pale Light

I’m not much of a hardcore guy.  Hardcore for me was the old DC shit often associated with Dischord Records.  I still think Lungfish is a “hardcore” band, or more recently Bullets In, so that should illustrate to you just how damn out of touch I am.  Okay, I’m into a few of the early […]