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Blodsrit – Helveteshymner

Let’s start off by saying I was a huge Black Sabbath fan and an even bigger fan of the Sabbath update known as Candlemass. Now we have Candlemass updated. The highlight of this disk is most definately track eight. “Solitude” is a personal favorite, and Naahz’ vision has done it justice. Cover songs rarely impress […]

Berserk – Rites Of Supremacy

A few years back, Berserk’s debut album was a pleasant surprise, an excellent album from an unknown band. Obitus played a significant role with his synthesizers, so I was a bit concerned when I learned that he was leaving and was not going to be replaced. When I first head this new album was finished […]

Blodsrit – Ocularis Infernum

This is primitive black metal with minimal distortion, a very clear production, but not burnt. Raw may be favored by many fans, including Nazgul, but this disc proves that sliding the scale upwards slightly yields many rewards. Nazgul says he prefers the more raw, simple and harsh style of Darkthrone, Marduk, and Carpathian Forest. The […]

Berserk – From The Celtiberian Woods

Our hearts pump brimming blood of hate and our bodies will be the seed which, fed by our blood, will give rise to an oak grove. Every oak tree will contain the soul of a dead warrior. The forest will symbolize the eternal union of these souls. The above passage is from the song “Forest […]

Blut Aus Nord – The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion

It has been five years since Memoria Vetusta, finally we have the next piece from this long standing French act. Three albums in nine years of existence is one way to ensure cult status among the underground faithful, but five years between releases is just as likely to get you forgotten. The Mystical Beast Of […]

Blodsrit – Supreme Misanthropy

Blodsrit (blood rite) is an old heathen ritual performed by sacrificing blood for better crops. Blodsrit is also a Swedish black metal band with it’s origins in early Darkthrone, Marduk and Carpathian Forest. This is corpse painted satanic black metal written with care and conviction and more precision than most. Originally a one man project, […]