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Vomit Your Brain – Beauty of Morgue EP

Here’s another early release from the UKs fledgling Rotten Music, who brought us the creatively named Facefuck. This time is a Polish band called Vomit Your Brain, and this EP compiles the band’s first 2 demos into one 6 song, 18 minute slab of  no frills, slammy brutal death metal. Less grindcore  and toilet humor […]

Facefuck – Domain of Perverted Pleasures EP

There is so much superficially wrong with the debut EP from Australia’s not so subtly named Facefuck that screams ‘godawful goregrind’; the name the cover, programmed drums, frog burp vocals, the logo, the song titles (“Indiginous Ectoplasmic Rectal Invasion”, “Infected Labial Secretion Obsession”), the over use of samples (including  some  from the movies Scary Movie […]