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Sotajumala/Survivors Zero – Slaughter at Lutakko (DVD)

Slaughter at Lutakko documents the last show of a tour that brought Finnish death metal trio Sotajumala, Deathchain and Survivors Zero together. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, Deathchain’s gig was cut from the release, but there’s still an hour and a half worth of material on the disc. Since I’m not familiar with Survivors Zero, […]

Sotajumala – Teloitus

Finland has long been a hotbed for intensely melodic metal. Take the addictive, neoclassical thrash of (earlier) Children of Bodom, the overripe pomp of Nightwish or the thrilling Viking blare of Moonsorrow – all lush, atmospheric and stylish as hell. And that’s not even touching wackadoo black metal like …And Oceans or the classic, always-evolving […]

Sotajumala – Death Metal Finland

While most of Finland is obsessed with trolls and tooth harps, only a handful of Finnish acts have veered into more brutal territory, Scent of Flesh being the only recent band that immediately springs to mind above and beyond older acts like Disgrace and early manifestations of Amorphis and Sentenced. Until now. Enter Sotajumala (Finnish […]