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Morningside, The – Moving Crosscurrent of Time

The Morningside’s debut, The Wind, The Trees and The Shadows of the Past, was one of the very first reviews I wrote for this site, and so it’s a pleasure, several years later, to revisit these Russian doom-deathsters and see how they’ve progressed. Just as before, there’s a heavy Agalloch and Katatonia influence throughout, and […]

Morningside, The – The Wind, The Trees and The Shadow of the Past

The Morningside hail from Russia and play a relaxed, melancholic brand of melodic death/doom. Brave Murder Day-era Katatonia and Morningrise-era Opeth immediately come to mind – not surprising, considering these bands are listed as influences. Aside from albums like Rapture’s Futile and some aspects of earlier Agalloch, this particular sound seems to be rare, so […]